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Connect your SageHR account to Teamtailor to automatically create employees in your SageHR workspace

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By activating our integration with SageHR, you'll be able to add triggers to your jobs that automatically send a candidate's profile to your SageHR workspace.

Getting started

To enable the integration, you first have to connect your existing SageHR account through our Marketplace page. Once in the marketplace, click on the SageHR card and press Activate.

There, you will be asked to fill out the following two fields in order to activate the integration:

To get your SageHR API Key, log in to your SageHR account, then click on your profile picture at the top right corner, and then "Settings".

In the settings page, you should find "Integrations" on the left-side menu. Open the integration settings, and then go to "API". Once you enable API access, an API key should be displayed. Use this key for the SageHR API Key field when activating the integration in Teamtailor.

You can find your company's subdomain by going to your dashboard, and copying the domain visible here:

In this case, the company subdomain is "teamtailor".

Once you have entered your SageHR API Key and Company subdomain - click on the "Finish Installation" button. When that is done, the integration is fully set up on your account, and you can start adding SageHR triggers to your job processes.

For the integration to work as expected, you also need to create a "Work Start Date"-custom field in Teamtailor.

The field type should be "Date" and the title of the custom field "Work Start Date", as seen in the image below:

*The candidate needs to have a work start date in order for you to be able to send their data to SageHR.

Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

You can set up the SageHR trigger and send your new hires' data automatically to the SageHR platform when a candidate card reaches the chosen stage.

Start off by going to any job you wish to add the SageHR trigger to.

Click on the "Triggers"-button, and add a trigger to one of the stages.

Select the SageHR-trigger.

There, you can choose to activate the "Send signup email to candidate" option. This will automatically trigger a sign-up email to the candidate once the integration has been triggered and they have been transferred to your SageHR workspace. Click on "Add trigger" to save the trigger on the selected stage.

Now, every time you move a candidate to this stage, it will tell the Teamtailor application to send the candidate's information to your SageHR account.

Also, if the synchronization between Teamtailor and SageHR was successful, the candidate-card will have a "Sage HR"-box with the status "Sent."

Information being sent to SageHR

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Work Start Date (Mandatory custom field)

  • Send Signup email (Optional when setting up the trigger in Teamtailor)

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