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Partner: Psigma Corp (Assessment)
Partner: Psigma Corp (Assessment)

Integrate Psigma assessments seamlessly in Teamtailor

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The automation of Psigma Corp’s suite of assessments in Teamtailor is easy to deploy. By following this process, you’ll be ready to start sending assessments to your job applicants directly from within Teamtailor.

Setting up the integration

You’ll need an agreement in place with Psigma Corp.

Once you do, the first step is to login to your PsigmaOnline account; if you don’t have access to PsigmaOnline, you’ll need to contact your Psigma consultant to get access. In the Process menu, click on the Teamtailor Integration section, followed by the + sign to create a New Integration Key.

Complete each of the required fields with the respective information, paying particular attention to the assessment and profile fields, which define those that will be used as part of this integration key.

You will also define the process that candidates for this integration key will fall within, the applicable language, and the date range in which this integration key will be utilized. Once you have filled out the information, click Continue.

After completing this section, return to your Teamtailor account

Navigate to the Jobs section in the upper left corner of your Home screen, where you will find the Jobs that have already been created.

Select the Job that you want to connect to the Psigma Assessment that you defined above. Once you’ve clicked into the Job, click on the Triggers button on the right side of the page.

Select the stage of your selection process in which you want to automate the Psigma Assessment as part of the process. Click on the Add Trigger button for that process step.

In the Add Trigger pop-up window, select the Send webbook | Psigma Corporation option.

A Send webhook popup window will appear. Here you will choose the PsigmaOnline Integration Key that you created in a previous step.

You will also be given several options to automate the assessment process, including an option to automatically move the candidate to the next step upon completion, based on their overall Psigma Assessment score.

You can leave this option unchecked if you would prefer to manually review each candidate and decide whether they should be moved to the next step. This step is optional and will not affect the assessment itself.

To finish the assessment automation, click on the Add Trigger button.

You’ve done it!

With this Trigger activated, all candidates that are passed to the process step that includes this Trigger (in this example, the Psigma Assessment step) will be automatically sent an email invitation to complete the assessment. By following the instructions in that email invitation, the candidate can easily access the assessment and complete that step in the process. If you’ve established automation based on score, they will then be placed into the following process step automatically upon completion, and you can quickly and easily review your qualified candidates in your selection process.

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