Email placeholders make it easy to personalize automatic (and manual) emails to your candidates. When using placeholders, the candidate will see their own personal information, and thus you will minimize the feeling of a non-personal automatic email.
You can add the placeholders to both the subject and the body of a email.

Available placeholders

  •  {first-name} The candidate's first name 

  •  {last-name} The candidate's last name 

  •  {full-name} The candidate's full name 

  •  {job-title} The job's title. Only available when sending emails in the context of a job.  


You can use a fallback in the placeholder to avoid empty and broken sentences if, for example, the candidate's name is missing.
To use a fallback, just separate the placeholder name and the chosen fallback with a space.

For example, if you start your email with Hi {first-name}!, you might want to use "there" as a fallback for the candidate's first name if that is missing. To do that you use the placeholder like this: Hi {first-name there}!, this will result in "Hi Jonas!" when there's a first name and "Hi there!" when the first name is missing.


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