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Co-pilot: Draft reject email
Co-pilot: Draft reject email

Get help writing a personal email when rejecting a candidate

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When rejecting a candidate with a reject message, and clicking Customize message you have the option to let Co-pilot draft a message for you. It’s provided with this information:

  • Candidate name

  • Job title

  • Previous messages to that candidate

    • It will write in the same language and the same tone of voice

  • Reject reason

  • Scores (from Scorecards or Interview kit, depending on which feature you’re using)

    • It will not mention the actual scores but could say something like your communication skills were good but your sales experience is a bit low for us

  • Interviews

    • It could say your interview with James and Anne was great …

  • Which stage they’re being rejected on

You will then be able to edit the message draft just any other message before sending it. Clicking the Draft with Co-pilot button again will clear the message and create a new version.

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