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Co-pilot: Draft reject email
Co-pilot: Draft reject email

Get help writing a personal email when rejecting a candidate

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Under Settings → Recruitment → Co-pilot → Candidate management, toggle on Draft reject email:

When rejecting a candidate with a reject message, and clicking Customize message you have the option to let Co-pilot draft a message for you. It’s provided with this information:

  • Candidate name

  • Job title

  • Previous messages to that candidate

  • Reject reason

  • Scores (from Scorecards or Interview kit, depending on which feature you’re using)

    • It will not mention the actual scores but could say something like your communication skills were good but your sales experience is a bit low for us

  • Interviews

    • It could say your interview with James and Anne was great …

  • Which stage they’re being rejected on

You will then be able to edit the message draft just any other message before sending it. Clicking the Draft with Co-pilot button again will clear the message and create a new version.

💬 Co-pilot will generate the reject message based on the language from previous messages sent to the candidate.

In scenarios where no messages have yet to be sent to the candidate, Co-pilot will fall back on the career site language.

If you are using Career sites in multiple languages it will summarize the resume based on the chosen job ad language of the job the candidate last applied for.

If not it will use the company's career site language chosen under Settings → Content / Career site → Language.

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