One major component of Connect for you as a candidate, is that this is a way for you to subscribe to future job postings that matches your profile. This means that whenever the company you’ve connected to publishes a job that meets your criteria, an istant email is sent to your inbox so you can submit your application.

Edit your subscription

To ensure you are receiving the most relevant job opportunities, you have the option of telling them which department/role and location you are interested in. This selection is used to match your future job opportunities. You can at any point edit this selection.

Start by logging in to your connected profile. Click the big cogwheel to edit your profile and scroll down to the Connect section.

Under Connect, you tell the company what you are interested in working with. Select the department that suits you. If there are any roles within that department, these will unfold as you select the department. Then, tell the company what locations you could work from.

💡 In the example above, the candidate Sam has told Tech Company that she wants to work in their Product department, specifically with Frontend development. Sam is interested in jobs posted in the cities Gothenburg and Stockholm. Now, every time Tech Company will publish a job posting for a Frontend developer within the Product department, located in either Gothenburg or Stockholm, Sam will receive a notification.

Unsubscribe from the emails

If you no longer wish to receive these emails, or just need a short break, you always have the option to unsubscribe. For your convenience, you can to this in two ways:

1. At the bottom of the email you've received there's an unsubscribe-button.

2. In your profile settings in your connected profile, you have a section to manage your subscription. Scroll down to Subscription and toggle this off if you want to stop receiving these emails.

Want to subscribe to the emails again? To enable your subscription again, just toggle the above mentioned option on! ☝️

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