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Set up a video meeting

Recruit remotely by creating video meetings through Teamtailor

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In Teamtailor you can schedule video meetings with candidates directly in the platform without using any external software. In this article, you will learn how to create a video meeting, as well as how this will look from both your and your participants' end.

Please note that you need to connect your calendar in your profile settings to set up video meetings in Teamtailor.

Schedule a video meeting

To schedule a meeting with a candidate, click Book meeting in the action bar found on the candidate card.

In the Location section, select the video service you'd like to use. Our built-in video service is always available for use, but you can also connect an external video service you are using. Please read more about that here.


You can also send an email reminder to the candidate 24 hours before the event. This can be activate in this section:

Join meeting

All meeting participants will have access to a unique link where the video meeting will be held.


On the candidate card under the Meetings section, you will find the meeting details and a Join button that will take you to the video link.

All users added as participants will also receive a meeting invitation per email. In this email, they can find the meeting event details along with the video link.

Candidate / External participant

The candidate or external participant will receive an email invitation with the added meeting message and details available. At the bottom of the email, they will also find a View meeting details button leading them to a page where they can RSVP, add the meeting to their calendar, and access the video meeting link.

Teamtailor video service

Waiting room

When joining a meeting using the Teamtailor video service, all participants will enter the waiting room where they can get ready for the meeting. Here you will be able to enter your name and preview their video and microphone settings. Both you and the participants will need to allow camera and microphone access in your browser to see and hear each other.

Here you also have the option of picking a virtual background or blurring it. Once you are happy with your setup it's time to join the meeting!

Candidates and external participants will see the button Ready to join. After clicking it they will need to be admitted before entering the meeting.

For users participating in the meeting, they will be able to join instantly by clicking the Join button. Once in the meeting, they can admit the external participants.

Please note that any user will be able to let external participants into the meeting regardless of whether they are a part of the hiring team or not.

Candidates / External participants

User participants


You and your participants have several options available inside the meeting:





Record meeting *

Start/stop recording the meeting. More info here.


Mute / Unmute

Turn off/on your microphone.

All participants

Start / Stop video

Turn on/off your camera.

All participants

Share screen

Share a selected browser tab, window, or an entire desktop screen.

All participants

Show / Hide candidate card

Access the candidate card while participating in the meeting. For eg. to fill out an Interview kit.


Open settings

Adjust your preferred settings for the camera, microphone, and background.

All participants


Stop participating in the meeting.

All participants


All participants can also communicate using the chat available in the meeting.

A chat transcript will be available on the candidate card after the meeting has ended.

All participants


Choose your preferred layout view to arrange the participants in the top left corner.

Note this option only appears in meetings with 3 or more participants.

All participants

* Recordable video meetings need to be enabled in the Add-on feature center before use

Supported browsers

Below you'll see a table of the supported browsers for the Teamtailor video service. Make sure that you and your participants access the meeting in one of these browsers.




Edge (Chromium)






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