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With Enterprise calendar, you will be able to keep every user's company calendar connected in one go, and by that avoid the hassle of everyone within a company manually granting calendar connectivity. Your IT or data security department will have full control over whose calendar is connected and how much information is shared.

We offer this solution together with our partner for our Calendar feature - Cronofy.

Perks with Enterprise calendar:

  • All users can have their calendar automatically connected to Teamtailor

  • You will be able to control how much information to share with Cronofy

How to configure the feature for Office 365 and Exchange:

1. Create a service account...
2. ...to which you set Restricted Access (please note that we only support Restricted access, Free-Busy is not an option)

Follow the full instructions from Cronofy at Configure Office 365 and Exchange

How to configure the feature for G-Suite:

1. Install the Cronofy application in G-Suite

Follow the full instructions from Cronofy at Configure G-Suite

When the above steps are completed, you will authorize the access in Teamtailor.

  1. Login to Teamtailor with Company Admin access

  2. Head to Settings > Recruitment > Enterprise Calendar

  3. Connect your Service Account

Good to know

  • Enterprise calendar comes with a price, your Account manager or Success manager will provide you with all details.

  • Only Teamtailor Video meetings are currently supported as video service for interviews

Let us know if you have any questions - support@teamtailor.com or directly to Cronofy at support@cronofy.com.

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