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Schedule meeting rooms for your bookings
Schedule meeting rooms for your bookings

How to connect meeting rooms to your Teamtailor calendar

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You can schedule and book meetings with your candidates directly from Teamtailor! Read more about that here!

To make your life even easier, you can include the meeting room you want to use as you invite the candidate. So smooth! 

Connect your meeting rooms

To enable this feature, just head over to Settings → Recruitment → Meeting rooms and connect your calendar.

🗓️ Note! This calendar connection is separate from the connection you make in your profile settings.

The user who makes this connection must have access to the meeting rooms. Normally, you have access to the meeting rooms as long as you can view them from your calendar. If this doesn't work, we suggest an admin for your calendar provider make the connection.

When the connection is set up, you will immediately see a list of all your meeting rooms. This is where you can choose to disable rooms that you don't want to use for meetings booked through Teamtailor. All the rooms that are toggled on pink will be available when booking meetings.

And just like that, you're ready to rock n' roll (and add meeting rooms to your booked meetings) 🤟 

Office 365 or Exchange

If you are working with Office 365 or Exchange, the user that connects the rooms needs to have access to something called Room list distribution groups. In this list, all rooms have to be available in one list which the user making the connection also has access to. If this isn't configured we won't be able to display any rooms. You can see more about that here.

Schedule a meeting with a room

To schedule a meeting with a room, go to the candidate's profile and click the small calendar icon in the top menu:

In the booking form under the section Meeting room you will see the option to select meeting rooms. The user set as the meeting's organizer must have their calendar connected for this to work.

Hint! You know their calendar is connected if they have the little calendar icon next to their name in the drop-down list.

As you select a meeting room, you will see all available times in the calendar view. All white blocks are times available for the meeting's team members and the selected room.

Once you have booked the meeting you will see the room added to the meeting in your calendar. It will look a little something like this if you're working with for eg. Google Calendar:

The chosen meeting room will also be clearly stated on the event details in the candidate's profile and meeting details page:

Add multiple meeting rooms to your booking

If you're using self-schedule, you can add multiple meeting rooms to your booking to increase the amount of available slots:

Only the first available room will automatically be booked when the candidate picks a time. Eg. only one room (and the team members with a connected calendar) needs to be available for the candidate to be able to select that time slot.

The remaining available rooms will still be available for other colleagues to book.

Disconnect meeting rooms

If you want to disconnect the meeting rooms from your account, simply go back to Settings → Recruitment → Meeting rooms and click Disconnect right below the list of rooms. 

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