Gone are the days when finding the time and date for the interview took longer than the actual interview. Use our Smart scheduling to send several dates suitable for you and your team, and let the candidate decide when to meet! 

Connect your calendar 

From your Profile settings, click Connect your calendar and choose the calendar service you're using and follow the instructed steps. 

After connecting your calendar, you are asked to provide your working hours and availability. The time slots you will have to choose from for the meeting will be limited to the hours of availability set by all members of the hiring team. You can read more about setting that up here!

Just like that, you've made it possible to use our Smart scheduling. Don't forget to tell your colleagues to do the same, so you can use the full potential of the calendar!

Schedule a meeting

To schedule a meeting with a candidate, click the small calendar icon, called Schedule meeting on the candidate's card.


Here, add the details for the event. This information will be sent in the invite to the candidate.

Let’s look in to the details of the Schedule meeting for, shall we:

Team members/Organizers

Invite the colleagues that should join the event. To do so, click on his/her profile under Team members. Make sure the colleagues you're inviting also connected their calendars. All users with a connected calendar is marked with a little calendar icon in front of their names, like this:


For Location, choose between the locations set up in your account by clicking the location pin, or add a custom address. If the meeting is over video, you’ll be able to select the video service here. Read more about video meetings here!

Meeting room

If you’ve enabled the Meeting rooms feature, you will see an additional drop-down menu from which you can choose an available meeting room. You can read more about enabling meeting rooms here!

Time and date

Tell the client when to meet, or send time slots for the candidate to choose from (this is where it gets super cool!).

Set specific time: If you have agreed upon a time with the candidate, select the specific time.

Candidate self schedule: Send a booking form to the candidate, with available times from the team members calendars. Learn more about this here!

* all team members with connected calendars.

Interview kit

Add the interview kit that the team members can use as a guide for the recruitment. Read more about Interview kits here!

Message subject and description

What will the flow look like for the candidate?

Now, you know the step-by-step for you and your team members, but let’s take a look at what your invited candidate will see.

The invitation to the candidate is sent straight to their email inbox, and will look something like this:

On the left hand side, you’ll see the what the email looks like for a Candidate self schedule meeting. If the candidate clicks the View meeting details, s/he’ll see the details as presented on the right hand side.

When your candidate selects a time, it will look something like this:

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