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Social sharing image for job ads
Social sharing image for job ads

Increase your traffic to your job ads with great looking social media posts

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All of our social media feeds are filled with links and images, making it difficult to stand out in the crowd. Teamtailor will make your links to your job ads look amazing and increase your traffic ✨

We will automatically create this beautiful sharing image for you! The image is automatically be taken from the Background image you've added to the job, under the section Appearance. It will also contain the jobs title, location and the apply button of your job posting. 

Layout styles

You have to two different layout styles when it comes to your cover area: a more plain look or a visual/fullscreen vibe. With style that will be used for your specific jobs depends on which Job template you’ve chosen to work with.

Your account has a preset job template that’s called Plain, as well as one called Visual. You can also create custom job templates, and then it’s the cover image settings that affects the layout style. If you chose to hide the Cover block in your template, the plain style is used. If you instead chose to have the cover displayed, the visual style is used.

Visual style

Working with the visual cover area results in a fullwidth cover area. The sharing image uses the same cover image style.

Plain style

If you instead choose to work with the plain style, the cover image (use an image with the ratio 3:2, like 1200x800px) is placed below the job title. The sharing image is also smaller, and has a set size. This means this option is great to use when you work with a logo as a cover image.

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