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Send Job offers to candidates

Share job offers to candidates and get their answer in Teamtailor

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Let’s talk Job offers, and how you can share these with your candidates and see their comments/responses directly in Teamtailor 🚀

This feature has to be enabled under the ✨ Add-on features.

Create and send a job offer

To create the job offer, open the candidate’s profile and access the additional settings (...), and then Create job offer. This will open up the job offer creation module.

Let’s take a look at the specifics here:


The job the offer is connected to. Note that the candidate has to belong to a job for you to be able to send a job offer. If the candidate belongs to multiple processes, you can select which job the offer is regarding.

User with access

Choose which team members* you want to be able to access the job offer and the information. Please note that any user that has been given access will be able to edit/send/answer the job offer.

Your hiring team members that aren’t invited to view the offer will see the job offer’s activity, including when an offer is sent and then accepted/declined.

*The jobs Recruiting manager, and Company admins, will always be able to access the offer.

Offer template

Select a job offer template for the job offer. These are set up by your admin users.

Job offer name and offer message

Add the name of the job offer, and the message you want to include for the candidate to see.

Default fields (Salary / Start date)

Include the job offers salary as well as the start date. Note that these fields are mandatory.

Custom fields

You have the option of adding custom fields to the job offers, to make sure all the relevant information is included. These fields include Short text, Long text, Number, Date, Multiple choice, and Single choice.

💡 Include a number field, detailing the number of vacation days, or a text field to list any other perks.


Include any files to the offer. Why not include the commission module or your onboarding guide?


Choose which automatic messages you want to appear when the candidate accepts or rejects your offer.

After you’ve added the information, you will be able to preview the offer, save it as a draft or send it to the candidate.

Create a job offer template

As an admin user, you can create Job offer templates for your team to use. You’ll find this under SettingsRecruitmentJob offer templates.

Your team will then be able to use your template when sharing offers, by selecting it in the dropdown menu, under Offer template.

What will the candidate see?

Now, let’s cover what your candidate will see when they receive your offer!

First things first, when you share the offer they will receive an email that looks something like this 👇 The sender of this email is the user that created the job offer.

Note that this is sent from the which means the candidate isn’t able to reply to this email.

Job offer page

Each job offer is displayed on its own unique page, where s/he will see the details added to the offer. The user added as the job’s Recruiting manager will be listed as the contact person for this job offer.

The job offer page includes a comment field and will allow the candidate to accept or decline the offer.

When accepting or declining, your candidate will see the message you’ve added as an acceptance/rejection message.

💡 Here you’ll see an example of what it might look like when the candidate has rejected the offer:

Finally, your candidate will receive an email notification, stating their decision. This will look something like this:

What will the invited team members see?

When you create the job offer, you include which users you want to be able to view the details of the offer. This is what they will be able to see:

Job offer’s status: A job offer can have four different statuses.

1. Draft: a job offer that has been saved, and not yet sent.

2. Sent: if the job offer is sent, but the candidate has yet to respond.

❕ Please note! If you have access to the job offer, you are able to answer the offer on behalf of the candidate. When doing so, you’re asked to add a comment and if the offer is accepted/declined. This is then displayed in the candidate’s profile.

3. Accepted: When your candidate accepts the job offer, you’ll see it like so:

4. Declined: If your candidate decides to reject the job offer, you will see it like this:

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