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How to set up your Employee dashboard
How to set up your Employee dashboard

Make it easier for your employees to refer others and give them the possibility to share your jobs in social networks

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Your Employee dashboard is a great place for all your Teamtailor users* to collaborate on your recruitment processes 🤩 Here, you and your fellow users can:

  • See and apply to job openings

  • Share your open jobs

  • Refer people to open jobs

  • etc...

*users with access level No access and External recruiters don't have access to your Employee dashboard.

How to setup the dashboard

When you start using Teamtailor, your Employee dashboard comes with the default design to make it easy for you to get up and running. You also have the option to customize the dashboard so it fits your needs.

The Employee dashboard widgets

To make your Employee dashboard the dashboard your employees need, you have several widgets to work with. To add another widget to your dashboard, open the Widget library. You find this in the top-right corner.

Let’s go through them one by one:

All widgets with the infinity icon (∞) next to them can be added as many times as you want. Other widgets can only be added once.

Welcome message

At the top of the dashboard, you find a welcome message. Your Career Site Manager will be listed as the sender of this message. To customize it’s content, hover over the message and click the gear in the top-right corner.

Open jobs

Open jobs will list all the job postings you have published right now. These are the jobs with the status Published externally, and internally if you’ve enabled this feature.

Here, your team members can apply for jobs, share with their network, and refer candidates. The mentioned actions will appear once the user hovers over the job in question.

Let’s not spare any details:

Cover image of the job

If you’ve added a cover image to the job, this will also be used in the open job widget. If no cover image is used, the Teamtailor pink is used.

Overview of recruitment process

For transparent, you’ll see a summarized overview of the application process and the number of candidates in the different stage types in the process.

Jobs highlight

You can add a job highlight to push a job even more, this will be added on right at the job for extra attention.

By the way, if you have more than 20 published jobs, the list layout changes so it looks like this 👇 This is to make the information more easily accessible by your team members.

Apply for job opening

Your team members can submit applications for any job openings you have. This is a great way to encourage internal mobility and development!

If you’re working with the feature for Internal jobs, your team will be able to see the internal job postings in this view (with a small internal tag attached to it). What’s even cooler is that when the internal job feature is enabled, your candidates are automatically tagged as internal if they apply for a job via your employee dashboard, even an externally published job.

Share job postings

We believe it’s a great idea to encourage your team members to share your job postings on their networks! That’s why this is done super easily in the Employee dashboard.

Also, when a team member shares a job from your Employee dashboard, a tracked sharing link is automatically created for that user. This is a great way for your team members to track the number of pageviews, applications, and hires that came from their share. Great for some friendly internal competition!

💡 Add the My shared jobs widget to your dashboard to track how many pageviews and applications your share links have.

Refer a candidate

Your team members have the option to refer a candidate directly to the job posting. Learn more about referrals here.

Latest activity

The Latest activity widget shows some activity from the dashboard (such as referrals), that will let employees know that their teammates are pitching in. Your team member can also react with emojis to cheer their colleagues on!


In this widget, your team can see the team members that are referring the most candidates, and if those referrals turned into a new colleague. It’s a great way to give credit where credit is due!

My referrals

Recruiting through employee referrals is one of the most important ways of finding the right employees for your company. Employee referrals are great proof that your employees are happy and that they want to spread the word about the company.

In My referrals, your team members can refer candidates as well as seeing the status of the referrals they’ve already made. Get more insight in referrals here!

💡 If a candidate restricted, the profile will be removed from the referrals list.

My shared jobs*

This widget will show the team member the stats on the jobs they’ve shared from the Employee dashboard. Here they see the number of page views, applications, and even hires that came as a result of their share.

Please note that in order to be listed, the share must have generated at least one pageview. Shares without any activity will not be shown.

Team stories*

The Team stories block will display the latest stories directly from your team. Learn more about Team stores here!

Custom messages

With the Custom message widget, you can add whatever message you want. This is a great place to include general information for your team.

To create a new Custom message, select the widget by dragging it to the desired location of your dashboard. Add a title, an appropriate emoji, a background color, and then a message. To edit the widget, hover over the message and click the cogwheel that appears. This allows you to edit/delete the custom message.


You also have the option of adding videos to your Employee dashboard. Choose to record a video right there and then, or display a video that’s hosted somewhere else (YouTube or Vimeo).

💡 Why not add a video where your HR team explains how to work with referrals, or maybe talks about the rules to your referral competition (if you have any)?


Lastly, add image/s to your Employee dashboard. Why not include a picture of the entire team from your last team activity?

*these widgets (Team stories and My shared job) can be added directly by the users themselves, if not already added by an admin.

How your team members get access to the Employee dashboard

All your Teamtailor users (with the exception of users with No access, and External recruiters) will automatically have access to your Employee dashboard. You find it by clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner, and the Employee dashboard!

If the user haven’t logged into your Teamtailor account yet, no worries! They can easily sign-up directly from your company’s career site.

For this to work, Auto-join or SSO needs to be enabled on your account.

On the bottom of your career site, you'll see a space where your employees can create their accounts to get access to their Employee Dashboards. By filling out your email address, you will receive an invitation to your inbox in order for you to create a password and log in. The only email addresses that work, are the ones connected to your company.

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