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How to approve or decline Requisitions
How to approve or decline Requisitions

Learn about the approval process for requisitions and your role as an approver

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Please note that this article refers to an enterprise feature. For more details, check out our guide on Setting up a Requisition Flow. Reach out to your Teamtailor contact or email for further assistance.

Find Requisitions awaiting your approval

If you are part of an approval flow, you will be asked to take action on the requisition. Once the requisition is submitted, you'll receive both an email and an in-app notification. Clicking on the link provided in either the email or notification will direct you to the requisition page.

In addition, you can find all requests needing your attention in the Requisitions tab. Click on the filter option at the top right corner, then choose Assignee and filter to display only the requests awaiting your approval.

💡 If you're working with Requisitions for the first time, you might find it helpful to take a look at our guide that explains all the Requisition tabs


Upon receiving a request to approve or decline a requisition we suggest thoroughly reviewing the requisition details. If it is suitable, simply click Approve and the flow will move on to the next step. Your task is complete.


Should it be necessary to reject the requisition, click Decline. This action will prompt a window where you can provide details explaining the reason for the rejection.

The notification of rejection along with your feedback will be sent to the person who created the requisition, and they will then be able to edit the requisition to incorporate the feedback and submit it again for approval. Once re-submitted the approval flow will start from the beginning. 

Edit Approval flow

Flows with the Approvers from this step can edit the flow enabled will grant you the possibility to make changes to the approvers in this step. For eg. if you're aware that the person assigned to step 2 is on parental leave, you can replace them with someone else.

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