A Lead page is a great way to convert passive candidates that aren't inclined to apply for a specific role. Using the Lead page is also a good supplement when building your candidate bank. 

Lead pages are a sort of campaign page. It’s a short and precise page with one goal - to get in touch with the person reading. You’re not asking them to apply, you’re simply asking for a chance to talk to them and tell them more about the role. 

Perks of using a Lead page

  • Get the attention of those hard-to-get candidates. Make them curious about your role. 

  • Stand out in the crowd full of job ads and lists of demands. 

  • Gather leads for you and your team to contact and increase your talent pool. 

Creating a Lead page

You can find the option to create a Lead page alongside the option to create the regular Pages by clicking the plus sign ➕ under Content

The next step is to pick a job that the leads will sourced in to. Simply select a job in the dropdown menu and click on Next step

After creating the Lead page you will be presented with the option to edit the layout of the page.

In the edit mode you're able to add a headline, description, image, change the button text and add a Respond time

Here you'll also find the block Supporting content. Use this block to display info to your visitors and potential candidates/incoming leads. Read more about this block HERE

To publish the Lead page you simply click the dropdown and click on publish, in the dropdown you'll also find the option to unpublish or archive the page as well. 

How does it work?

When a lead leaves the contact information requested in the Lead page a candidate profile is automatically created and sourced in to the job connected to the page. You will be able to differentiate candidates coming from the Lead page by the Lead tag and the source shown in the candidate card 


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