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Convert passive candidates with Lead pages

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Think of a lead page as an alternative to a job ad that helps boost engagement with passive talent. Passive talent is on the rise, and to keep recruitment candidate-centric, we've created this page to adhere to this growing target group.

Lead pages are a sort of campaign page. It’s a short and precise page with one goal - to get in touch with the person reading. You’re not asking them to apply, you’re simply asking for a chance to talk to them and tell them more about the role. 

Perks of using a Lead page

  • Get the attention of those hard-to-get candidates. Make them curious about your role.

  • Stand out in the crowd full of job ads and lists of demands.

  • Gather leads for you and your team to contact and increase your talent pool.

Creating a Lead page

You can find the option to create a Lead page alongside the option to create the regular Pages by clicking the plus sign ➕ under Content. Select the job opening you wish to create the lead page for. This is the job any potential candidates are souced into.

It’s not uncommon that passive talent doesn't apply to positions, even if they are qualified and open to discussing the opportunity. So on the lead page, let them know why the job is interesting for them as well as request their contact information.

Add your header, description, call-to-action text, response time, and image. Under supporting content, add a few facts about your company that get them excited about the opportunity. These will show up on the left side of the page. Read more about this block here.

When you’re happy with the page, head to the content overview and publish the page by changing the status to Published. Here, you’ll also find the option to eg Promote and Duplicate the page.

What happens when a candidate leaves their contact details?

If you caught the attention of the candidate, they can submit their contact details (email address or phone number). When doing so, a candidate profile is automatically created and sourced into the job connected to the page so you can reach out.

💡 You will be able to differentiate candidates coming from the Lead page by the Lead tag and the source shown in the candidate card. Make sure to follow up on your leads quickly and start the dialogue!

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