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How to reject candidates and select the reject reason

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When you reject a candidate, the reason for the rejection will most likely differ throughout the process. One candidate might be rejected because you chose to move forward with other more qualified candidates, and one might have rejected you because the offered salary is too low. 

So, we make it easier for you to 1) keep the communication with candidates personal and quick and 2) track the reasons your candidate is being rejected by giving you Reject reasons

Set it up

Go to Settings→Recruitment→Reject reasons, and you'll see the different reasons for the rejection. By default, we give you a list of common reasons and you can customize the list to suit your company. 

Rejecting your candidates

When rejecting your candidate, you will see one or two reject options: Reject and Quick reject*. 

*if quick reject settings has been enabled on the stage the candidate is currently in, if not this field is hidden.


When rejecting a candidate, you fill out a short reject form. The form consists of:

  • Reject reason: select the reason for the rejection

  • Reject message: do you want to send a reject message via email as you reject the candidate

  • Template: if you want to use one of your message templates when rejecting the candidate, you select it from this list

  • Delay: decide if you want the reject message to be sent with a delay

  • Customize message: you also have the option of sending a completely customized email to the candidate 

💡 In the example above, the candidate would be rejected with the reject reason Lacking relevant experience. A reject message will be sent after 1d, and the message will be the default Reject email template.

Quick reject

The Quick reject allows you to reject the candidate with a preset rejection form for that specific stage (so a preselected reject reason and reject message settings). In order to use it, add it to the stage in questions.  

To add a Quick reject to a stage in your process, access the stage settings and enable Quick reject. Here, you fill in the rules that will be used for this stage. 

When you're using Quick reject for a stage, you see a little stop sign right above it. By hovering over it, it will show you the reason, email, and delay settings.

💡 In the example above, the Quick reject option will be visible on all candidates in the Inbox stage. Using it will reject the candidates with the reject reason Lacking desired qualification, an email will be sent with a 3h delay.

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