Under the Audience report, you will be able to learn more about your visitors and applicants. Get insight in how many visitors you've had during the last day, which external channels are worth your money, or which device most often used.

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  1. Overview of the Audience report

  2. Visitors report

  3. Sources report

  4. Devices report

  5. Promotions report


Career visitors - See how many visits you got during the period. Click on the box to see a more detailed report on the pageviews, applicants, connections etc.

Top sources - Where are your visitors coming from? See your Top sources.

Devices: Find out the most common devices among your visitors.

Candidates applied: Get an overview of how many applications you've received during your chosen time period.

Top promotions: See which your top channels are and use this information for your next job ad to get most out of your promotions.

By clicking on the different boxes, you will be directed to more detailed reports. Let's take a closer look at these below.

But first, let's go through the definition of the parameters in the reports 👇

Visits - How many visits have you had on your site (not unique visitors).

Pageviews - During these visits, how many pages did the visitors view.

Connects - How many of your visitors Connected with you.

Application - How many of your visitors submitted an application.

Conversation rate - How many of your visitors were converted in to applicants (Applications divided by Visits).

Average rating - How have your candidates from the different sources been rated on average.


In this report, you see how many visits, pageviews and applicants you've had per day during the period you're looking at.


In this report, you see from where your visitors came to your site.

You might notice some reoccurring sources:

Connect emails - this shows the number of visitors coming via the emails sent to connected candidates

Content page - the number shows the people accessing your site via a button on one of the content pages created on your account.

(direct) - a direct source is a visitor where no info could be found. This is most often due to the visitor accessing the page directly via a link, or if the visitor has an adblocker that blocks Google Analytics and therefore the source can't be defined. Also, if a candidate clicks on a link to get directly to your career site from an email or a program that Google cannot track, their source is direct.


In the Devices report, you will be able to see which device your visitors are using, and from what device you get the most applications.


In the report Promotions, you will see how your Promote work paid off. See which one of your external promotions gave you the most visits and the highest conversion rate.

Take a look at the average ⭐️ rating to ensure the quality of the applications from this specific channel.

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