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People will visit your career page for different reasons, but they will all share an interest in finding out more about you as an employer. Use the Posts feature to share up-to-date content with your future potential colleagues, and let them know about activities, events, or general updates about your company.

In this article, you’ll learn all about the different components of the Post feature:

Enable Posts on your career site

The Post feature comes with it’s own subpage, as well as separate pages for the different posts. The subpage can be found on example

The subpage is found as one of the main pages of your career site, and is called Posts. Find it under Content→Career. Here you’ll be able to customize it so it fits your needs.

Write and publish a post

Let’s talk about how to write and publish a post. Start by navigating to your content editor and click the +Create page at the top right. Select Post and you’re on your way!

Now you can start creating your post. The post consists of different basic sections as well as media. You can drag and drop the sections or move them in the section settings. To add a new section, start typing or click the plus to add a more content.

😎 Pro-tip! When adding a new section, click the tab key to open the section selector.

Edit section

You can edit the section by hovering over it and accessing the settings. Here you can change the type of content/edit the media size, as well as move and delete the section.

Adding media

Add media by selecting the media type and uploading the image. You will have the option to change the size, as well as the placement of the media.

The contents of a post

Let’s go through the different components of a post:


Cover image

The cover image is added to the very top of the post, as well as the preview image in the Posts page. Great way to catch the attention of the potential reader!



List which users wrote the post. Note that you can include several people as authors.


Preview post

Make sure to preview the post to see what it would look like when published.


Focus mode

Enable focus mode to avoid any other distractions. Exit focus mode when you’re ready*


Other options

a) Visit post*

b) Unpublish*

c) Delete

* only possible when the post is published


Publish post

If the post is already published, you’ll see the publishing date here instead.

* here you see what going into focus mode means.

💡By the way, the developers behind this feature wrote a post about building posts!

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