Why use the blog? 

Posting blog posts on your career-page is a great way of showing the candidates more about your work environment and work culture. You can also use the blog to inform the company about new hires, post articles about the company or share other information about events and happenings!  

Set up the blog

You can find the blog portal by heading to Content, edit your career-page and press the block Blog (1). If you don't have the block on your career page you can add it by pressing the pink + and add the blog-block (2). Choose the position of the blog by dragging and dropping the block.

Write a blogpost 

Let's start creating your first blogpost! To create a blog post press the pink + sign. 

Choose a title and start writing your post. Use pictures, videos and GIF's to make the blogpost more interesting and add tags to be able to filter your blogposts later on. Choose a department and a role that the post is in reference to and add an author. 

You can then save the post as a draft by pressing the draft checkbox and then save. You can also choose publish dates or publish the post straight away. Here you can also delete your blogposts.

Visit the blog! 

When you have published your blogpost it will be visible in the block on your career-page. Press Employee Blog to see all posts and press the tags to be able to see all blogposts with that specific tag. 

Happy blogging! 🎉 

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