To be able to view candidate's data, a user must be granted access to do so. A hiring team user is given this access by either being invited to view the candidate via a Team, or a job's hiring team. The purpose of this article is to explain which data in the candidate card you will see depending on which access you have.

The data in a candidate card is split up in to two sections: data that belongs to the candidate and belongs to a specific job.

Candidate's data - Data that belongs to the candidate

This data is accessible by any user that has been been invited to a Team or Hiring team the candidate belongs to.

So this data can be seen by all users with access to the candidate:

  • Candidate uploads (such as CV’s and other candidate documents, including documents from job applications)

  • Notes (Written outside job context)

  • Connect questions

  • Custom fields*

  • Reviews

  • Resume

  • Share links

  • Locations

  • Messages (Sent outside job context)

  • Todos (Created outside job context)

* Note that only Recruitment leads, Recruitment admins, and company admins will see Private custom fields.

Job data - Data that belongs to a job

The job's data is accessible by any user that has been invited to a specific recruitment process/job. You know you have access to this data, if you see the job listed under the tab Jobs.

This means this data can be seen by any user with access to the specific job:

  • Recruiter uploads

  • Questions/Answers for job

  • Messages

  • Todos

  • References

  • Referrals

  • Calendar invites

  • NPS responses

  • Partner assessments/events

  • Interviews

Note! Some data exists both as job data and candidate's data. What decides access is if it's created in a job context or not.

What is job context?

Is an action is performed in a job context, it is done in relation to a specific job. Practically, this means the action is performed on the candidate after you've opened his/her profile from within the recruitment process.

If you want to be super detailed and clear, this is any action you preform when you see the /jobs in the url field.

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