Group interviews are an amazing way to make your recruitment process more efficient. Use bulk to schedule a group interview or invite multiple candidates to individual interviews at the same time!

Start by connecting your calendar to Teamtailor. You can find an article about how to do that here

Select candidates to invite

Go to Jobs and press the job in question. Press BULK, and mark the candidates that you want to invite to the interview. Press (...) and choose Schedule meeting. 

Set up meeting

Once you have selected the candidates you want to invite you will be able to set up the meeting. Here you write the details that will be sent out in the email to the candidates. Choose a title and write your message, you can also use one of your message templates for the invite, read more about creating message templates here

Add team members if you are not the only colleague attending the meeting, and make sure to add a location so the candidate knows where to go! 

Schedule group interview

When sending an invite to a group interview you need to choose a specific time. Pick the date and the time for the interview and press Send Invite to send out the email!

The candidate will receive an email looking something like this 👇 

Schedule individual interviews

When scheduling an individual interview choose to book a time using Smart Schedule. Send the booking form as it is or pick times you want to send out by pressing the time slots you want to choose. If another colleague is attending the meeting he/she needs to have a connected calendar for you to be able to send out a smart schedule invite. The time-slots will automatically adjust to you and your colleagues available times. 

All times will be sent out to the candidates, and the candidate will then be able to pick a slot. First come, first served!

If a candidate picks a time, that time slot will become unavailable for the other candidates to choose from! If the recruiter puts something in their calendar, the time slot will also disappear from the candidates booking form! 

The candidate will receive a message looking something like this 👇 


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