When your candidates submits a job application or connects with your company, they have to give you permission to store their personal data in accordance to the privacy policy you're working with. This permission is collected in two ways: as the candidate press the Connect or Submit button in the Connect/Application form, or by ticking an approval checkbox.

Approval checkbox

By enabling the approval checkbox, you make it mandatory for your candidates to tick the box in order to submit their application or Connect with you. Activate this option by going to Settings→Consent checkbox and toggling the Activate approval checkbox on.

As you enable this feature, you can decide what text you want to use for the different checkbox text. If you leave this blank, you will use the preset text. 

Tip! The placeholder {privacy-policy} will automatically create a link to your Privacy policy, so your candidate easily can read what they are agreeing with. 

Once enabled, you'll see a checkbox appearing in the application and Connect signup flow. It will look something like this 👇 

Connect signup checkbox: 

Application flow checkbox: 

Not using the approval checkbox

If you don't work with the approval checkbox, the candidate gives you permission as they submit their application, or Connects with you. Then it will look a lot like this 👇 

Connect signup: 

Application flow: 

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