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Customize your Privacy Policy
Customize your Privacy Policy

Update your Privacy policy for the career site.

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All career sites managed by Teamtailor have a default Privacy Policy provided to the career site visitors. This default Privacy Policy is also linked to when someone applies for a position with you via Teamtailor, and in emails sent from you via our service.

The purpose of the default Privacy Policy is to inform your users and candidates about how you will be using their personal data in Teamtailor's services, and you are welcome to use the default Privacy Policy as is.

However, what needs to be stated in your particular Privacy Policy will depend on what specific data protection laws apply to your use of the service, and exactly how you will be using it.

For this reason, we recommend that your review and adjust the default Privacy Policy if and as needed, to make sure it covers all aspects it should for your use case.

Updating the Privacy Policy

Start by going to Settings→Data & Privacy→Privacy policy. While there, scroll down to the bottom, click Edit, and then it's just for you to start edit the content, adding a contact person and press save. Your updates will be live immediately, but you are also given the option to restore the default policy at any time.

Please note that its always stated in the top of the page if you are using our default template or if your privacy policy is a custom version.

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