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Data & Privacy settings
Data & Privacy settings

An overview of our Data & Privacy settings, to better understand how Teamtailor will help you comply with data protection laws.

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Our service is designed to enable your compliance with applicable data protection laws. This article gives you a summary of the privacy-specific settings you will find in the service. We have also created specific articles about each category of settings, to make sure you have all the information you need to set it up as you intend.

So, let us take a look at what we have 🤓

All Data & Privacy settings are found under Settings → Data & Privacy.

Collect permissions

With these settings you will decide how to collect permissions from candidates when they Apply for a job, Connect with your company, or get sourced or referred into the system. You can choose to activate a separate permission for future jobs, as well as adjust the wording associated to each permission request. Additionally, you will find options to enable checkboxes, ensuring that candidates actively give you permission for handling their personal information. To get the full picture, dive into the article dedicated to this setting: Collect Permissions

Manage permissions

With these settings, you will be able to specify the validation time for a candidate's permission and control whether an automatic permission renewal request should be sent out when permission expires. You can choose between an opt-in or opt-out approach for the permission renewal request and adjust the email being sent to the candidates.

To get an overview of the settings, head over to Manage permissions.

Automatic data deletion

Manage data retention automatically, by activating any of our automatic deletion rules. These settings are used to automatically delete candidates or single job applications based on different scenarios - such as missing or expired permission, rejected job applications, or inactivity. It is always up to you to set the retention times and to choose which ones (if any) to activate. Get the full list of the deletion rules we support, and details on how it works, here: Automatically remove your candidates data.

Privacy policy

All Teamtailor accounts are given a Privacy Policy as default, which you are more than welcome to use. We suggest that you review it to ensure that it reflects how you will use the service, and the data protection laws that apply to you. To make edits (or add your own Privacy Policy)visit Customize your Privacy Policy to see how it works.


These settings allow you to manage the cookie bar, get an overview of the cookies used for the career site, and add additional cookies. We provide you with a cookie policy for the career site, but you need to select a contact person for it. Head over to our article about Cookie policy to read more.

Audit log

An Audit log can be activated in order for you to keep track of actions made in the service in regard to users and candidates. The Audit logs can be accessed by your Company admins and show Who did What and When. The Audit logs are kept for up to 30 days as default, but additional time can be added for an extra cost. To see all traced activities, please visit Audit log.

Privacy Managers

In General Company settings, you will also be able to point out at least one (we recommend more) Privacy Managers. The Privacy Managers will receive direct notifications for activities regarding candidates' data, and they are the ones we will contact in case of an incident affecting your data. By default, the Career site manager will be set as Privacy manager.

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