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Redirect to an external application form
Redirect to an external application form

How to redirect candidates to an external page with the help of the apply button

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You might be using an external ATS or a recruitment agency, and therefore want your candidate to apply on another page. You can do this by redirecting the apply button to a different URL.

It's easy to do this when creating your ad, and it's also possible to do this after your ad on Teamtailor already has been published.

To add the external URL and connect it to the apply button - you start by going to the job in question. So, either open up a new job or edit a pre-existing one.

Once there, head over to the Application step of the job, and scroll to the bottom of the page. Pressing the Show advanced settings will give you this view. Enter the external URL inside the URL to application form field, and save - and it's done 🌟

Now - when candidates press on the apply button for that job, they will be redirected to the URL you entered. 

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