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Manage your employees in Teams
Manage your employees in Teams

Customise your users access to candidates and jobs

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Our Teams feature allows you to organise your colleagues and grant access to candidates and jobs. Create teams for departments, roles and even focused to specific locations, all depending on the needs for your recruitment teams.

☝️ The department, roles and locations options picked for a Team, will grant the members access to the matching candidates in the Candidate pool.

Once created, Teams can also be used as Hiring teams for jobs, which makes it easy to later change team members for multiple jobs at once!

First, you need to create a Team. Let's get started!

Locate Teams

Locate the Settings tab in your Teamtailor dashboard and click Teams. This takes you to your Team’s settings. Here you can click the ➕ Team button to create a team.

Creating a team

After you’ve clicked ➕ to create a new Team, it’s time to fill out the criteria for your new team! 

Creating your team

Let’s look in to some details when you set up a brand new team!

Start by assigning the Name and Icon that will represent the team. Then, select the Team Manager and Members. These are the users that will be able to work with this team. You can add as many members to the hiring team as you want and they don't need any particular access level other than basic Default user access.

💡 Team manager will later be the main recruiters for jobs posted by this Team.

Candidate database access

Now, let’s look in to what part of your candidate data bank this team should access. The members of your team will be able to access the candidates that matches these criteria. You can choose as many departments and roles as you want. The options are limitless!

💡 In this example, the team 🤩 Team ABC will be able to access candidates that belongs to Department 1 and Role 2 within Department 4. The access is limited to candidates that belong to their location Helsinki.

Using a Team as a job Hiring team

A big advantage of using Teams is the possibility to use them as your job's Hiring teams. This way, you can centralise all access to jobs, and change multiple jobs teams and recruiters at once.

Here is how it works: When setting up the Hiring team for a job, there will be a new option to pick a Team. By choosing a Team, all members of that team will become members of the Job hiring team.

Notice that the recruiter is now fixed to the Team manager. This way the job recruiter will change if the Team manager changes. So changing recruiter for multiple jobs will be easy using Teams.

You can also add additional users to the Hiring teams if you wish. There will be no difference in access for the Team members, and the additional members – they are all part of the Hiring team.

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