Create a hiring team

The hiring team is the team that can review and work with a candidate within a specific job

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What is a hiring team?

Teamwork is dreamwork! A hiring team is a great way to work together to fill a job opening. Your team members will get a shared overview of the progress and will be able to review and rate the candidates in this process. The members of your hiring team will get access to all applications for this job.

How to create a hiring team

You create your hiring team when you create the job posting, under the step called Hiring team. Here you add your team members.

  • Team: add a specific Team to this process. This gives access to this process to all Team members.

  • Recruiter: the Recruiter is the user listed as the contact of the job. This is by default the user that created the job posting. When adding a team, this is automatically the Team manager.

  • Additional users: under this field, you add other colleagues to join your hiring team.

If you aren’t able to find your colleague listed, it might be because 1) the user hasn’t been invited to your account or 2) the user hasn’t accepted the pending invitation. If you’re a Company Admin, you will be able to see the status of the user by navigating over to the tab Employee.

Edit hiring team members from the recruitment view

If you want to add/remove hiring team members after you’ve published the job, you can do so easily directly from the recruitment process. Click on the three dots on the right-hand side and on Add team members. Here, you’ll be able to add/remove colleagues.

Create hiring teams in your job templates

Are you working with job templates? Great! You can also add your hiring teams directly in the job template to ensure that people can access the right job postings. More about job templates here.

What can a hiring team member access?

An employee that has been added to a role’s hiring team will be given access to:

  1. The job posting. Note that this grants access to editing the job too.

  2. All candidates that applied to the job (all job-specific data that belongs to these candidates)

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