Strengthen your employer by letting your employees do the talking by adding Testimonials on your career site. In these blocks, you will be able to add quotes and images directly on your career site.

Add a Testimonial block

Start by heading over to your career site's content editor and access the page where you want to add the block.

Here, you add the new block by clicking the big plus at the bottom left corner and selecting Testimonial. We give you 4 different layout options, and you can pick and choose which one suits you the best, or mix them together.

After you selected the layout you want to work with, start by adding the title of this content section. After that, add the testimonials by clicking the plus below the title.

If you want to change the layout of this block afterwards, simply click the brush at the top right part. 

A testimonial consists of Media*, Quote, Name, and Job title

* Image or Video, available in some layout styles 


As mentioned, you will be able to use four different layouts. You see them listed here↓ 

Media + Text (full width)

Media + Text (grid)

Text (full width)

Text (grid)

Tips 💡

Make your testimonial section even more fun by adding a mix of the different layout options. In the example you see here, we've added two testimonial blocks after each other using different layouts. For the first part, you see a quote added in the layout Text (full width). This is followed up by a Text (grid) block

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