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Get full control of your recruiting processes with Teamtailor’s Slack integration. Engage your entire team and make recruiting an integrated part of your work environment in Slack.

Choose between one or several announcements to show in any channel you prefer in Slack: 

  • New applications

  • Connects

  • Emails

  • Notes

  • Reviews

Set it up

To enable the Slack integration, head over to Settings → Integrations → Slack integration. Here click + Add channel to get started.

You must grant Teamtailor permission to access your Slack workspace and choose which channel in your Slack account you want to add the integration to. In this example, the updates will be sent to a channel called #teamtailor-updates.

Now it’s time to decide which updates you’re interested in seeing in Slack. You can select between displaying information from all Departments and Jobs, or narrow it down to a specific department/role and job. This way you can ensure the notifications are more relevant for the members of your Slack channel.

After you’ve set up the source of the updates, you decide which type of activity you want to appear in Slack. Uncheck the options that won’t be interesting for this audience. You can come back and edit this at any point.

When you’re happy with the selection, click Save. You will then immediately see a confirmation in the Slack channel you choose.

The Slack notifications will then look something like this:

Please note that the notifications might be sent in Slack with a small delay.

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