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Add comments on your candidates
Add comments on your candidates

Utilize the candidate Comments section to write notes, feedback, and other important information

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Let’s talk about writing comments connected to your candidates. With Teamtailor, you can add different types of information directly onto the candidate’s profile. This will make your work easier, improve communication, and enable better decisions. Win-win-win!

💡 Please note that comments added are not visible to the candidate

Start by opening a candidate’s profile and click on the Comments tab. Here you see all previously added comments, and also where you can add your own.

Mention a user/team

Ensure you get the attention of the right user(s) by mentioning them in your comment. When you mention a team member, they'll be notified based on their notifications settings.

To add a mention, click the "@" icon or type "@" on your keyboard, and then select the user(s) you want to ping.

Job process

If you are adding a comment on the candidate profile opened within a job process you can only mention users with access to the candidate's application. This includes hiring team members and users with Admin role access. You can use the @team mention to notify all hiring team members at once.

These comments will only be visible to the hiring team and users with Admin access.

Candidate bank

If you are adding a comment to the candidate profile opened directly under the main tab Candidates you can ping all users with access to the candidate. This will include users with access through a hiring team, team, and users with admin access.

These comments will be accessible on the candidate profile regardless of being opened in the candidate bank or a job process.

Add attachments

You can attach files to your comments. This is useful for uploading additional documentation like test assignments for example. Just click the "📎" icon and select the file you want to attach. Please note, that you need to include text in the comment section to be able to upload an attachment.

The file will be uploaded in the comment and under the Internal documents section on the left-hand side of the candidate's profile.

Choose the visibility of a note

You may want to hide sensitive comments from other users. To limit the comment's visibility, click the "🌎" icon before posting it by selecting the users who should have access.

Comments with default access will have the earth globe icon next to the author of the note. Whereas hidden comments will have the padlock icon instead.

These comments will only show under Notes on the candidate profile for the selected users.

❗️Please note that users with Company Admin access will have visibility into all notes, even hidden ones

Manage a comment

Hovering over a comment will give you one/several of these options:

Add reaction

Let your colleague know that you have seen their comment by reacting to it with an emoji of your choice.

Edit note

Did you make a spelling mistake or want to update the information you added? Click on the pencil icon to edit your comment.

Delete note

To delete a comment click on the garbage bin icon and confirm. Note that once deleted it cannot be recovered.

❗️Please note that users with Company Admin access can delete comments written by other users

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