To use this feature, you will have to start by enabling the GDPR features on your account. More info on that can be found here!

To make it a whole lot easier to be GDPR compliant, you can see the status of the candidate's permission presented with one of the tags listed/statuses below.

💡 If you’re not seeing any tags on your candidates' profiles, that means all is OK according to your settings.

The privacy statuses



Consent expired

Your candidate's permission for data storage has expired, and they haven't renewed their consent.

Permission/Consent missing

This tells you that the candidate has yet to give you permission to store their data.

Permission/Consent pending

If the status is pending, it means you've sent a permission request to the candidate but you are still waiting for their response

Removal requested

The candidate has submitted a removal request, asking you to remove his/her data.

Deleting soon

The candidate is flagged for deletion and will be automatically deleted within the next few days (countdown starting at 7 days).

Consent future jobs

If No, the candidate did not give consent for you to store their data for future job processes.

How to facilitate the privacy filters

You can use the candidate filters to find candidates with a specific privacy status/tag. You'll find them under the Dates section in the filters in your candidate database.

💡 The neat thing about using date filters is that it makes the search super flexible and relative. To give you some examples 1) use After to find all candidates whose permission expired after a specific date, 2) choose Any, to find all candidates with expired consent, or 3) choose Unknown to find all candidates whose permission has not expired.

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