To use this feature, you will have to start by enabling the GDPR features on your account. More info on that here!

To make it a whole lot easier to be GDPR compliant, you can see the status of the candidates permission presented with one of four tags, listed below.

💡 If you’re not seeing any tags on your candidates profile, that means all is OK according to your settings.


  • Expired: this means your candidate permission for you to store their data has expired, and they haven't renewed their consent.

  • Permission missing: the permission missing tag tells you that the candidate have yet to give you permission to store their data.

  • Permission pending: if the permission is pending, it means the you've send a permission request to the candidate but you are still waiting for their response.

  • Removal requested: the candidate has submitted a removal request, asking you to remove his/her data.

  • Deleting soon: the candidate is flagged for deletion, and will be automatically deleted within the next 7 days.

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