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With Surveys you can create your own forms with questions and then send them to candidates. Once people have answered, users can see results and statistics based on the answers.

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

This will enable you to create your own EEO reporting to ensure having a diverse set of candidates and employees.

Creating a survey

Once activated, a new tab will appear in the top menu (for Company admin users). If you don’t see this option, even though you have Company admin access, you just need to head over to your Add-on feature and enable it.

When creating a new survey, you'll get to choose between using one of our templates, or to create a blank survey from scratch.

Once you've made your choice you can start customizing your survey. Either edit the pre-existing content or start adding new questions.

The form builder allows you to use various question types, including:

  • Short text and long text

    • Short/long text questions allow the user to enter their response in free-form text format. If the answers vary too much for a multiple-choice question, you might consider using text questions.

  • Option scale

    • With the opinion scale question type, it is possible to measure satisfaction in a predetermined range (e.g 1-10).

  • Multiple and single choice

    • For single-choice questions, there is an option to add an "Other" field to your list of alternatives and work with conditional logic:

Survey settings

Survey type: open or anonymous

When creating a survey, you can choose to set it as Open (allowing you to view the candidates and their survey responses), or Anonymous (you will not be able to see who gave the answers). Candidates will be made aware of whether their answers will be anonymous or open before completing the survey.

  • Add ”skip survey link”: allow your candidates to skip surveys added to a job application

  • Display answers in candidate modal *only available when creating open surveys: answers from candidates will be displayed in their candidate profile.

Email settings

An email can be sent after a candidate submits their application, or via an email you send (manually or automatically). Under Email settings, you’re able to decide the content of this email. If this is left empty, a default text will show.

Thank you page

Once the candidate submits their survey, they are automatically taken to a page where you thank them for their effort. When setting up the survey, you decide what you want this page to say.

Once you're done and press save, your survey will appear in the Surveys tab:

Sending a survey

Surveys can be sent to candidates in four different ways:
1. Automatically, using a trigger
2. To several candidates at once: Bulk
3. At the end of a submitted job application form*
4. Manually via the candidate profile*

Send the survey automatically, using a trigger

To add a survey trigger to a stage, choose the Send survey option in the trigger list. When a candidate is moved to the stage with the Survey trigger in it, a universally unique ID will be generated for them and used in the link to the survey, to ensure that no one else can answer it.

Send the survey to several candidates at once: Bulk

To send a survey simultaneously to several candidates, click Bulk, select the candidates, and choose ...→Send survey. You can also bulk-send the survey via the candidate tab.

At the end of a submitted job application form*

To add a survey to the end of a job application, ie. to have the applicant fill it in after submitting their application, go to a job's editor and choose the survey of your choice under Application -> Survey.

*the survey is automatically displayed in the same browser tab immediately after the candidate submits the application, like so:

"I don't want to participate" will only appear as an option if your survey has the "skip survey" setting toggled on.

Send manually via the candidate profile

Only open surveys can be sent directly to candidates via their profile if the candidate is added to a job.

Answering the survey

When you trigger a survey as an email (via trigger, bulk, or the candidate profile), the candidate will receive an email with a request to fill out the Survey. This email will look something like this. You edit the content of the email under Email settings when creating/editing the survey.

The candidate will then be taken to a page where they can select their answers:

If they select "Other" for a question, a textbox will automatically appear to let them type in their answer:

Once answered, we show the customized "thank you" text you've chosen in the survey's settings.

Note that the "Thank you" page will be replaced with the "Thanks for applying" page, if Survey is added at the end of a job application.

Reviewing the results

Going back to the Surveys page, you can see how many people have been sent the survey and how many have responded so far 👇

On the survey report page you can also see the statistics for every question:

Here, you'll also find the option to toggle on Stage breakdown. When toggled on, it divides the report into stages, allowing you to see how candidates have responded on each stage. This can provide valuable insights into the progress of candidates through the survey process:

You can also apply various filters:

  • 💼 Job filter to select responses from a specific job.

  • 📅 Date filter to only select responses from a specific year.

  • 🏢 Department filter to select responses from a specific department.

  • 📍 Location filter to select responses from a specific location.

☝️ If a specific question in a survey has less than 10 responses you might notice that there isn't enough data to show. This is done to ensure the responses remain anonymous until enough responses have been collected for that question.

​The same applies to individual stages (under stage breakdown). If it has less than 5 responses -> we won't display any results:

Other features

  • You can export the results for further processing:

  • Archiving a survey means that the Survey can no longer be found. If you archive a survey that is active in a pending trigger, it will not be sent to the candidate:

  • In the activity feed on the candidate profile, you can see if they have been sent the survey (manually or via a trigger):

Happy survey'ing 🥳

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