Let’s say you have a role where a driver’s license is necessary. Just ask the question in the process, and then add the trigger Smart Move. Set up your Smart Move so that those who answered “Yes” is automatically moved forward in the process. 

Set up the trigger

Under the job's dashboard, click on the wand at the right hand side (Triggers). Then, add trigger to the stage you want the magic to happen 🧙 In this case, add the Smart move trigger.

First, add the Move criteria, meaning the questions and answers that will set off the move. Secondly, decide what stage the candidates that answered accordingly to your move criteria should Move to.

In this example, all candidates that answered Yes on the questions "Do you have a driver's licence" will automatically be moved to the stage Reviewing.

Only one smart move can be added per stage. If using more than one criteria, the candidate will move automatically to another stage only if their answers match them all.

And just like that, Teamtailor took care of the first screening for you. Super efficient ✊ 

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