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Let’s talk about automating your recruitment process with the Smart move trigger!

💡 Say you have a role where a driver’s license is necessary. Just ask the question in the process, and then add the trigger Smart Move. Set up your Smart Move so that those who answered “Yes” is automatically moved forward in the process. Initial screening - done!

Set up the trigger

Under the job's dashboard, click on the wand on the right-hand side (Triggers). Then, add the Smart move trigger in the stage you wish the automation to take place.

The smart move trigger has a few different components:

  • Move to stage: this is the stage the candidate will automatically be moved to when meeting the criteria

  • Match all/any questions: decide if the move should be triggered if all or any answers are a match

  • Questions/answers: the questions, and answers that should trigger the move

  • Apply to: choose if you want to limit the trigger to a specific section of candidates (for example exclude internal candidates)

  • Delay: adding a delay to the trigger means the move will hold for the set amount of time

Move criteria

The move criteria is the combination of questions/answers that sets off the automatic move.

💡 In this example, a move will be triggered for candidates that answered Yes on the questions "Do you speak Swedish” and that who answered the video question, will automatically be moved to the stage Interview. Note that internal candidates will be excluded from this move.

Add multiple move criteria

The magic doesn’t end there, you will also be able to trigger different moves depending on the candidate's answer by adding another group.

In this example, a second group has been added, targeting the candidates that answered NO to the question if they speak Swedish but also answered the video questions. These candidates will be moved to the reviewing stage.

The first matched group will be used to trigger the move of the candidate, so make sure to place them in the right priority order.

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