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EEO Reporting and Surveys

How to work with Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting in Teamtailor

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If you want to enable Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) reporting in your account, you do so using the feature called Surveys. Once enabled, you’ll see that we provide you with two predefined templates for EEO, one for the US market and one for the UK market. After selecting one of the templates, you will be able to edit the questions added so it’s aligned with your needs.

As with all Surveys, you have the option if you want the EEO survey to be anonymous or not, by editing the survey settings.

💡Once you’ve created the EEO survey, it’s probably a good idea to add it to the appropriate job/job templates, so it will be displayed at the end of a the candidates job application.

Should you wish to export your annual EEO report to get your annual EEO data, reach out to our support or via our support chat) or your account manager and we will help you with the export. Please note that this is a service we offer once per year.

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