This is an article about migrating the existing EEO Reporting feature (USA) to Surveys. If you want to display an EEO form at the end of your Teamtailor jobs, you can use the Surveys feature from now on.

Activating EEO Reporting with Surveys

We are removing the EEO Reporting tab from the settings page and it will not be visible for any customers, (with an exception for customers that already have activated the EEO Reporting feature prior to the update).

Screenshot 2021-06-08 at 10 00 01

From now on all EEO Reporting will be handled in the general Surveys tab. Here we have added the US EEO report as a predefined template, which can be used as is or customised to a company's liking. The report/survey works just as other surveys would, and can be added to jobs, or job templates, to be displayed at the end of a job application.

Should you wish to export your annual EEO report to get your annual EEO data, instead of exporting it via your settings page, reach out to our support at or via our support chat and we will help you with the export.

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