Once you have activated Alva's integration with Teamtailor you are ready to start sending out assessments to your job applicants through Teamtailor. In this article you will learn how this is done! (or watch this short video here that takes you through the basic steps 👇 )

Getting started

First things first, to enable this integration you must have an agreement with Alva so start by reaching out to your contact person at Alva. We will then unlock the integration!

Set up workflow in Teamtailor

To use Alva, the first step is to add an Alva trigger to your recruitment process in Teamtailor. This means the test is automatically sent to the candidate the first time the candidate is moved in to this stage.

💡 Alva recommends adding assessments as early as possible to the process. This will help you decrease biases and start hiring based on actual predictors of success on the job.

Configure Triggers on Job positions on Teamtailor

Head over to one of your jobs on Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on Triggers (1).

Select the stage that you want users to receive the assessments and add the trigger by clicking the ➕ (2). Candidates that are moved in to this stage will get the invite for the assessments. You can either use the assessments on the Inbox, so all candidates are automatically sent the assessments, or a special stage that you move candidates to.

Now, select Send Test, Alva Labs.

From here, you can select the test profile that you would like to use for this position. You can read more about Alva's test profiles HERE.

Note that if you do not select a test profile from this stage, your organisations default profile will be used.

When you’re done with the test trigger setup, click Add Trigger.

💡 If you want to automatically move candidates between stages based on their results, tick the check-box Move candidate when complete and follow the instructions.

Review candidate’s result

When the candidate completes the test, the result ends up directly in their candidate profile. To review the result, open their profile and check the section Alva Labs. Candidates who have initiated the assessment process will also be added to the "Manage candidate" tab in Alva.

Here, you’ll see the percentage of role fit directly in Teamtailor and an overview of the results. Click →See result to open up a detailed report in Alva.

Read more about how to review the assessment results in Alva HERE.

Update test profile

If you need to change the test profile, you have two options:

  1. Click back into the trigger in Teamtailor, and change the test profile directly in the trigger.

  2. Head over to Alva and find the job position that automatically has been created when you added the Alva trigger in Teamtailor. The job position in Alva has the same name as in Teamtailor. Click into your job position, then Settings and then Tests. Press change test profile to choose the profile you want to evaluate your candidates against.

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