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Get started

To activate the TE-Palvelut / Mol.fi integration, TE-Palvelut creates their own "WS Passari" data transfer IDs that Teamtailor sends as a separate request to them. To create the IDs, your company Business Identity Code ("Y-tunnus") is required, which you need to send to Teamtailor's customer support via chat or by email to support@teamtailor.com.

Once the IDs have been created, you will receive them from Teamtailor be enter them in the activation setup of Mol.fi in the job board section under the Promote tab of a job or directly in Marketplace.

This step is only done when activating the channel for the first time.

Publish ad

Once a job has been created in Teamtailor, the job ad need to be manually sent to TE-Palvelut from the Promote page of the job ad in question. Start by clicking Mol.fi under the Activated job boards section.

Then you will need to fill out information needed to categorize the job ad on TE-palvelut. The categories and fields come directly from TE-Palvelut and are always in English.

By clicking on Show advanced settings further down you can select more information for eg. salary, start date, and the number of persons hired.

Once the ad has been successfully published on TE-Palvelut, it will appear on the Mol.fi website within a couple of minutes.

Update ad

When you edit an existing job in Teamtailor, the edits are not automatically updated to TE-Palvelut. To update the edits from Teamtailor to TE-Palvelut, the promotion must be updated under the Promote tab by clicking the Refresh button for Mol.fi.

Remove ad

When a job ad in Teamtailor is set as Unlisted or Archived, the ad on TE-Palvelut is automatically removed. The same applies to job ads in Teamtailor where the end date has expired.

Important information

End date

If the job in Teamtailor does not have an end date, the ad on TE-Palvelut is automatically published for 180 days. If you want to use a different time period, you must specify an end date for the job in the editing mode.

Note! The end date cannot be earlier than the day after tomorrow. If you want to edit the end date in the middle of the recruitment process and set a new closing date, e.g. tomorrow, the updating of the promotion will not be accepted for publication on TE-Palvelut.

External employer information

If you choose to fill out the field Character of work with the option Rental job or Recruitment assignment you need to also fill out the External employer field. This is a requirement from TE-Palvelut.

Job ad errors

If you receive an error code when publishing your job ad to TE-Palvelut, please contact the Teamtailor Support team for further assistance.

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