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Learn about the different statuses of your job postings

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There are many different ways to work with job ads in Teamtailor, you'll find that sorting the ads using the different statuses greatly improves your day to day work. 

In this article we are going to go through the different job statuses meaning, how you navigate between these and how you can assign a job a specific status.

The different job statuses

When you head over to the jobs tab on your account, you will see that your jobs are presented with different colours. These colours indicate which status the job has. Further down in this article, you will be able to see what each status means.

Job posting is published and active on your career site and is available for all visitors.


Job posting is unlisted so public application is no longer open. Note: anybody with unlisted link can apply for job.

💡 Use unlisted jobs for closed recruitment


Job posting has been removed from career site since the end date has passed.


Job posting has been published at a later date. Will be published at 00:00 of start date.


Job posting has been saved as a draft.

You'll be able to pick up from where you left off and publish the ad at a later time.


Job posting has been archived. Is closed for applications and moved in to archived jobs list.

💡 Reject candidates that wasn’t Hired before archiving the job to make sure no candidate are left hanging!


Job is published internally. More on internal recruitment here.

Pending publish

Job posting has been created and is awaiting approval from users with the correct access.

*these statuses falls under the filter Active jobs.

Sorting the jobs

To easily navigate job ads you simply head on over to the Jobs tab and filter the jobs by selecting the status you want filter the jobs with. 

The job list filter Active jobs, will return all jobs with an active recruitment process, meaning jobs with the status Published, Unlisted, and Expired (that has no other status, such as Archived*).

* An expired job can also be an archived job, which happens if the job has an end date in the past and the job is then archived, the job will be also flagged/categorized as expired on top of archived

Changing the state of a job

You can change the status of your jobs postings to keep the recruitment process up to date. To change the publication status of your job, head over to the process in question and change the status in the top right corner.

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