There are many different ways to work with job ads in Teamtailor, you'll find that sorting the ads using the different statuses greatly improves your day to day work. 

In this article we are going to go through the different job statuses meaning, how you navigate between these and how you can assign a job a specific status.

Different colors indicate the status of the job

When you head over to the jobs tab on your account, you will see that your jobs are presented with different colours. These colours indicate which status the job has. Further down in this article, you will be able to see what each status means.

  • Green - job is published

  • Gray - job is unlisted

  • Turquoise - job is scheduled to be published

  • Yellow - job is saved as a draft

  • Red - job has expired or job is archived

  • Purple - the job is an internal job

Sorting the jobs

To easily navigate job ads you simply head on over to the Jobs tab and filter the jobs by selecting the status you want filter the jobs with. 

The Current filter will show you all jobs with an active recruitment process, meaning jobs with the status Published, Unlisted, and Expired.


A published job (green) is a job that is live on your career site. You publish a job by clicking Publish from the job creating/editing flow.

Published job ads will appear on your career site and thereby available for candidates. All of these ads are shown under the Jobs section of the career site. 


A job with the status Unlisted is not published on your career site, but you can still manage the recruitment. Anybody with the link to this job will be able to visit the ad and submit an application. You find the link of the job by previewing it.

💡Use unlisted jobs for closed applications.

A job can be unlisted from the start, or you can unlist the job after having it published by changing the jobs status.


When creating your job, you can save your progress by keeping a draft of the job ad. You'll be able to pick up from where you left off and publish the ad at a later time when saving the ad as a draft. You can access drafts from the Jobs tab.


When you've found the perfect candidate and the recruiting process is over you might want archive the job. You can do this by assigning the Archived status to the job ad. Archived job ads can always be accessed.

💡Reject the candidates that did not make it to the Hired stage before archiving the job, and make sure no candidate was left hanging!


You can schedule a job post so that it goes live at a later time. You will find the option to do so while creating the job ad.

While setting the date for the job ad to go live you will also be presented with the option to put an end date for the job posting. When the job ad reaches its expiring date it will be assigned the Expired status.

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