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Create your own integrations and complete your marketplace profile.

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Once you've received your sandbox account you will have access to the Integration's Hub. The Integration's Hub allows you to edit your profile on the Teamtailor marketplace (e.g. with a pitch, logo's and support article), and it's where you find the api key and webhook signature.

Go to the Integration's Hub

To find the Integration's Hub you go to the 'settings' (dropdown in upper right corner) in your sandbox account. Scroll down to Integration's Hub in the left pane. Within the Integration's Hub you can always edit your profile by clicking on an Integration Name.

You can also click 'view settings' to edit the integration key. You will find your webhook activation config here as well.

Adding triggers for integrations

The Teamtailor app allows users to set up trigger in a job. Then, when a candidate is moved to that stage a partner event will be sent to the /webhook endpoint.

When you activate an integration via the marketplace in the Teamtailor app it shows on your sandbox account automatically. These activations are visible in the Marketplace activations section in the settings of your sandbox account. Every user that adds your integration in a trigger will find this in their settings.

In the terminal you can log how the payload looks:

Notice the webhook-data is the value picked by the user in the previous step.

Start building

For building the integration please feel free to use our starting point code:

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