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Publish jobs on LinkedIn Limited Listings
Publish jobs on LinkedIn Limited Listings

Get your jobs out on LinkedIn smoothly

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Would you like your jobs to be posted automatically on LinkedIn – one of the most popular job platforms there are? Easy-peasy, just follow the steps below in Teamtailor!

What are LinkedIn Limited Listings?

Limited Listings are job posts aggregated on LinkedIn, to create a comprehensive job-seeking experience for LinkedIn members. With this job board activation, you can publish jobs directly to your LinkedIn company page to attract candidates interested in working for you and simplify the application process by providing a one-stop shop on your company page.

These postings can be found through the ‘Jobs’ tab, so today’s top talent can easily find your openings. Limited Listings will also be presented on your company’s LinkedIn page. Awesome, right? 🎉

​How to activate LinkedIn Limited Listings?

In Teamtailor, head over to Marketplace in the top right corner. Under the Channels section, click 'Always Included Job Boards' and 'LinkedIn Limited Listings'. There you'll be asked to fill in your Company ID* and then you can activate it. That's it!

*Any admin of your LinkedIn Company Page can locate your Company ID easily. You'll find this embedded in the URL. See the screenshot below. Just fill in the numbers, nothing else.

Now, all jobs published in Teamtailor will from now on go out smoothly at LinkedIn. Please note that LinkedIn follows their own validations to check if the job is eligible to be posted on LinkedIn. If there are jobs that are not posted on LinkedIn, please contact LinkedIn Support (detailed steps to create a ticket). Enjoy and happy recruiting!


– What jobs are affected?
Every job you publish in Teamtailor will automatically be eligible to be posted as a Limited Listing on LinkedIn.

– What's the difference between paying for a job at LinkedIn (Premium Job Posting) and using LinkedIn Limited Listings?
The Limited Listing jobs are visible to active candidates when they search for jobs on LinkedIn and ensure potential candidates can find you if your job is relevant to their search. In contrast, LinkedIn Premium Job Postings* have greater visibility across LinkedIn, being promoted in job searches and getting distributed across the platform via targeted recommendations in the LinkedIn feed, Jobs tab, and Notifications. Also, the LinkedIn Premium Job Postings are targeted in the LinkedIn Feed to reach additional potential candidates – both active and passive relevant job seekers. On average, these paid job ads get 23 times more views and generate 26 times more applicants than a Limited Listing job.

*Available in the Promote tab in Teamtailor for 390 EURO / 450 USD per job.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Support team 👋

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