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Job offer approval flows

Ensure that you involve the right users and request their approval on a job offer before sending it to the candidate

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Use Job offer approval flows to involve everyone in the job offer process before sending it to the candidate.

A Company Admin user needs to request this feature to be added by your Teamtailor contact person or support team. Please note that this feature may come with an additional cost.

What is a job offer approval flow?

The job offer approval flow consists of one/multiple steps where team members are requested to approve a job offer before it is sent to the candidate/s.

Enable job offer approval flows

When the feature has been added to your account you can access it under Settings → Recruitment → Job offer approval flows.

Initially, the feature is disabled. To activate it, simply toggle the button displayed on the page. Once enabled you will be able to set up your approval flows.

​How does the job offer approval flow work?

When you have created your flows, they will automatically be used for a job offer when the flow’s criteria are met. In practice, this means that the user added in step one will be the first user asked to approve the job offer. Only when this stage is completed the request will move on to the second stage, and so on, until every stage of the flow is completed.

The users will have the option to approve or decline the job offer. Once a job offer has been approved by all users the offer is then sent to the candidate.

Create a job offer approval flow

Let’s talk about how you create a job offer approval flow.

Default flow

Your default flow will be used as the fallback flow if no other custom flow matches the criteria.

Custom flow

Custom flows allow you to set specific approval flows for job offers matching specific criteria. By creating a custom flow you can choose one/several users to approve job offers that match a specific country, location, department and/or role.

Approval flow

When setting up the flows you can add one/several approvers to the steps. By toggling the All / Any option, you can choose if all or one of the added users needs to approve the offer for the step to be completed.

When creating a custom flow, you can add country, location, department and/or role as criteria. When creating a job offer, these are the settings that will decide which flow is used for the approval process.

💡The custom flow in the example image above will be used for job offers sent out in jobs in the department Sales, located in London, UK.

You can create multiple custom flows with different criteria, ensuring that users only get notified about relevant job offers needing their approval. There’s no limitation on how many flows you can create.

Create a job offer

When creating a job offer for a candidate, the flow will be decided based on the settings in the job. It will be used if the criteria (country, location, department, and/or role) match a custom flow. If the job doesn't match a custom flow the default flow will be used instead. At the bottom of the job offer form are the users that need to approve the job offer displayed.

Job offer approval request

The approvers will receive an email regarding the request.

By clicking the View job offer button it takes them to the job offer where they can view it, and then proceed to approve or decline the request.

When declining a job offer the approver can add a reason why it is being rejected and this will be shown in the offer on the candidate card.

With each step of the flow approved it will be marked as green to indicate who is up next. After all required users have approved the job offer, it can be sent to the candidate.

Inside the job offer, you will see a Send offer button that needs to be clicked for the offer to be sent to the candidate.

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