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Select what information/which columns to show in your candidate list

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Your candidate bank is probably full of great talent. Let’s talk about how you can be more efficient and organized by utilizing the possibility to customize the columns in your candidate database. In short, this means you have the full power of which information from the candidate’s profile you want to see in the overview in your candidate banks.

Start by heading over to your candidate bank, and clicking the column icon. This will open up a list with all the available columns you can display/hide. The columns include more or less every field in your candidate’s profile, such as candidate details, dates, partner results, answers/questions, and external recruiter-related information.

Simply select the column/s you want to display/hide and that’s it. The columns will be presented in the order they are listed in the menu, and can’t be rearranged.

This selection will be visible only for your own user until you clear the selection by clicking Reset columns at the bottom of the column list. This will take you back to the system default.

💡 Pro-tip! If a column is pink, you can sort by that column. Click it and change how your candidate section is presented. The default sorting is set to Created at, with the newest candidate at the top.

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