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Compare your candidates

Use our candidate comparison mode to improve your decision-making and boost efficiency

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Finding the perfect candidate in such a competitive job market can be a challenge. Instead of looking at only one candidate at a time, there is a smarter and more efficient way to do it!

The candidate comparison feature helps you compare candidates side by side for a better view of their qualifications, experience, and skills. In addition to saving time, this feature is designed to enable smarter decision-making.

Compare candidates

Start by opening a job process where you would like to compare candidates. There, activate Bulk select (1) and select the candidates you would like to compare (2). After that, go ahead and click on the Compare button located in the action bar.

You can compare up to 50 candidates at once

Available information

In the candidate comparison view, you will see the chosen candidates and their data split into different sections and columns.

Candidate information

*This section is only shown if the Co-pilot feature Resume Summary is activated

Custom fields

Any candidate custom fields available will also be added as a section in this view.

Job match score / Scorecard

The job match score comes from evaluating selected skills and traits of the candidate during the Interview phase. Read more about how to use this feature here.

If no skills or traits have been selected for the job, this section will display any scored skills or traits evaluated through an Interview kit or Scorecard.

Partner results

If your company uses a partner integration for sending out assessments to your candidates through Teamtailor these results will be available for comparison.

Here is an example of how these test results could be visualized


All questions answered in the job application for the job in question will be available under the Questions section.

Additional options

Besides the information listed, there are multiple options added to help sort and compare the candidates:

Sort fields

Some fields can be sorted from high to low and vice versa. Simply click on the field in question to change your preferred sorting. The available fields for this option are:

  • Candidate (A ↔ Z)

  • Rating (high ↔ low)

  • Resume summary (high ↔ low) *

  • Custom fields (A ↔ Z)

  • Job match score (high ↔ low)

  • Skills (high ↔ low)

  • Traits (high ↔ low)

  • Partner results (high ↔ low)

  • Questions (high ↔ low)

*This section is only shown if our Co-pilot feature Resume Summary is activated

Pin candidates

If you would like to have one or several candidates always displayed when navigating through the comparison table, then the pin option is a perfect solution for this. To pin a candidate, hover over their name and click on the pin symbol.

Hide candidates from the comparison view

You also have the option to hide candidates, if you no longer want them to be included in the comparison. Simply click on the symbol with the eye on it, and the candidate will be excluded from the list.

Bulk select candidates

Activate the bulk selector to perform actions for multiple candidates at once in the comparison mode or the job process:

Reveal candidates from anonymous mode

If anonymous mode is activated in your job process, you can choose to reveal the candidate's information through the bulk action bar. Mark the candidates you wish to reveal and then toggle on Reveal anonymous under ⠇More.

Wide columns

To make more space for information for each candidate, activate wide columns in the top right-hand corner.


At the bottom of the page, you will be able to move a candidate to the next stage or reject them.

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