1. Review

When you purchase an ad from promote our team will manually review the Teamtailor ad that's attached to the order. We will review the role and industry required to make the targeting as efficient possible. If there's any special insight that you want to share with us you can always use the "other information" field to communicate with our team regarding your order.

2. Ad creation

When we have reviewed the ad and created the target audience based on role & industry, we will create a visual ad for you with images and text based off of your Teamtailor job ad. Our ads look different depending on what platform and package you choose. Below you can see how they look on our two most used platforms:


Facebook & Instagram

3. Preview of your ad

When we have created the ad, we will send you a link of the ad before it goes live, this so that you can approve the ad or make the changes you want, to get the most out of your ad.

4. Your ad goes live

After we have sent you the preview of the ad it will go live after 24 hours. Once the ad has gone live you will be able to follow the analytics and see how your ads are delivering under the entire period it's live.

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