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Strengthen your employer brand by letting your employees tell the story about what it’s like working at your company

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As a candidate, you will want to know what it’s really like to work with your potential future employer. And who can tell this story better than the employees working at the company? Let’s talk about Team stories 🤳

Using the Teamtailor app, your team can create their own content, sharing what it’s like working at your company. These stories will be visible to all team members that use the Teamtailor app, and will also be available to use for up-to-date content on your career site. (Yes, that means your team members create genuine employer branding content for you, cool right?)

A Company Admin user needs to activate this feature in the Add-on feature center to get started

How does the team member create a Team story?

Once the feature has been activated you will be able to create a new Team story, in the Teamtailor mobile app. You'll find this at the top of the dashboard. Here, click Create story and record a video or take a picture. (You will need to give the app access to your phone’s camera and microphone).

Take a picture by tapping the shutter button, and record a video by tapping and holding. As soon as you release the shutter button, you’ll see a preview of your content. You can go back to discard this and take a new one, or add an optional caption and post this to your company’s feed.

View and engage with your team’s stories

When a team member has shared a story, you can see it on the dashboard of your app. Here you also have the option of reacting with emojis and adding comments, to engage with the story and show your support.

Isn’t this a great way to strengthen your internal employer branding?

Use the Team stories for your external employer branding

Not only are Team stories a great tool to bring your teams closer, but it’s also a fantastic way to share real content with your candidates. You have two options: share content on your career site or share content to Connect (or why not both?).

When viewing the story, you click the small eye in the bottom right of the screen. This allows you to edit the story’s appearance and decide where it should be published, as well as which department and/or location the story is posted from. These settings will decide where the story is visible.

Creating content from individual departments provides insight into the specifics of each department. For example, your Sales team will be able to post about their daily work activities, which will be extra relevant for the candidates that apply to your Sales roles.

💡 The story will by default be categorized based on the profile settings of the team member that created the story.

Share Team stories on your career site

When you’ve enabled Team stories, you will be able to add the block to any page of your career site. Here, the Team stories pushed to your career site will be displayed for the page’s visitor to view.

When you add the block, you’ll be presented with the option of filtering stories by department and location. This means only Team stories with the same settings will be displayed, to make sure the content is as relevant as possible.

In the example above, only Team stories published with department Marketing will be displayed, disregarding the location selection.

Share Team stories to Connect

The second option is to send your Team stories to Connect, which means it will be displayed at the top of the candidate’s dashboard.

To keep the content relevant, the stories displayed for the connected candidate will match the settings of the candidate’s settings. So if the candidate chose to connect with your Marketing department, they will see stories posted under Marketing (as well as the unspecified/general stories).

Using your employees’ content may be subject to legal requirements, for example, data protection obligations. Don’t forget to check what obligations you have before kicking off Team Stories.

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