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With Visma Sign you can make signing and storing employment contracts easy and secure.

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Visma Sign is an electronic signing solution that simplifies the process of signing and managing documents electronically. With Visma Sign, users can sign documents from anywhere, on any device, and at any time, making it ideal for remote teams or individuals who need to sign documents quickly.

Visma Sign is easy to use, and easy to buy. You can get started right away by registering your company and start to send documents for signing. Visma Sign also provides advanced features to help you streamline your document workflows, such as automatic reminders, forced signing order, document tracking, and access control. You can set up user groups for different roles such as sales, HR, Finance and so on to manage who can have access to which documents in the Visma Sign archive.

Visma Sign complies with the EU security standards (eIDAS) and provides strong authentication methods to ensure the signer's identity in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Netherlands. The digital signatures are legally binding in the EU and documents can be checked afterwards with the long-time-validation -tool.

Use our integration with Visma Sign to automatically send out documents to your candidates.

Getting started

To get started, enter the Teamtailor Marketplace and find the Visma Sign card. Click on "Activate".

On the next page, you will be asked to enter your "Visma Sign Business ID". This can be found in your settings in Visma Sign, here:

Click on "Finish installation" once you have entered this ID. Now, you are done with the setup process in Teamtailor.

Once that is done, log on to your Visma Sign account. In your software connections/ohjelmistoyhteydet, you need to accept the Teamtailor request. When that is done, the integration is ready to be used.

Set up the workflow on Teamtailor

You can set up a Visma Sign trigger and send candidates a document automatically when you move them to the stage with the trigger.

To add a trigger:

  1. Click on the triggers tab under applications in a chosen job.

  2. Go to a stage where you want the integration to trigger.

  3. Click the plus button ✚ to add the trigger.

  4. Select a document category, a sign invitation template and upload the file you want to send to the candidate (document name is optional).

And then save!

Now every time you move a candidate to the stage where you added this trigger, the file you uploaded will be sent for signing.

On the candidate, you will be able to see the following information:

If the status is "Sent", it means your document/file was successfully sent to the candidate. Should you have any error-messages in the status, you can reach out to our support.


What files are supported? At the moment, you can only upload .PDF files for the integration.

What is the maximum file size you can upload? 15 MB.

Does the result on the candidate-card show any details? The result only displays the status and a link to the document. Status can either be an error-message or "Sent" if everything has worked as expected.

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