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Spend more time on people, not process, with LinkedIn ATS Integrations.

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Our marketplace offers several LinkedIn integrations that make for a more seamless experience when sourcing candidates, promote your job postings to LinkedIn etc!

LinkedIn RSC

One of the major integrations with LinkedIn that we offer is the "LinkedIn RSC" integration.

Recruiter System Connect (RSC) is an integration which allows you to connect your LinkedIn recruiter account with your Teamtailor account. Utilizing this integration to streamline your workflow between LinkedIn and Teamtailor, and you will be able to:

In Teamtailor:

  • Export basic profile information to LinkedIn to create/update your candidate's profile

  • See your LinkedIn InMail history, as well as the notes within the candidate's profile

  • A link directly to your candidate's LinkedIn profile

In LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • See an In-ATS indicator for the LinkedIn members that you already have added to Teamtailor (including info on previous applications etc)

For more information on how to activate this integration click here.

LinkedIn Limited Listings

Limited Listings are job posts aggregated on LinkedIn, to create a comprehensive job-seeking experience for LinkedIn members. With this job board integration, you can publish jobs directly to your LinkedIn company Page so you can attract candidates interested in working for you and simplify the application process by providing a one-stop-shop on your company Page.

These postings can be viewed through the ‘Jobs’ tab, so today’s top talent can easily find your openings. Limited Listings are visible to candidates actively conducting a job search or viewing a company’s LinkedIn Page. Awesome, right?! 🎉

You can read more about how to activate this integration here.

Apply with LinkedIn

When this integration is enabled your candidates can choose to apply to your job postings with their LinkedIn profile by clicking Apply with LinkedIn. By doing so, their information will automatically be filled in. They will also have the option to import their LinkedIn profile, so you can see their work experience and education. This is what it looks like for the candidate when they apply for a role:

Read more about how to enable this integration here.

LinkedIn Premium Job Posting

We also provide the option to purchase "LinkedIn Premium Job Posting ads" in the promote section of Teamtailor. Any candidate that applies through these ads will automatically be redirected to the job posting on your Teamtailor Career site. We also offer different packages for these ads so you'll be able to choose a package that fits your job posting.

You can read more about this integration and the different packages we offer here.

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