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Easy sign-up for employees using Auto join
Easy sign-up for employees using Auto join

Auto join allows anyone with your company email domain to create a user, without the need to be invited first

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Autojoin will enable your employees to create a user in your Teamtailor account without the need to be invited first. All that is required is that they are using an email with your company domain. When they register their user, they will automatically be assigned a Default User role.

Once they log in they will be able to:

  • Create referrals (recommend potential candidates)

  • Share your published job opportunities to their networks

  • Apply for internal job processes*

  • Join Teams/Hiring teams they are invited to

* Internal jobs can be published once the add-on feature Internal recruitment is activated.

How does Auto join work?

Once Auto join is enabled, a section will be displayed at the bottom of the career site, for employees to register. In the example image below the auto-join domain is which means that only users with an email address will be allowed to join.

Note that profile pictures of already joined employees will appear when you have 4 (or more) employees with a public profile.

After entering a correct email address they will receive an invitation by email where they can create their account and login.

When logging in they will end up at your Employee dashboard, more on that here!

Set it up

To enable Auto join, head over to Settings → Company → Auto join section available for the Company Admins in your account. Here, add the domain/s you want to allow your employees to register with. Your employees will then be able to select the domain they are using when joining.

❕ For security reasons we do not allow general email domains like Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, etc.

Auto join and SSO

If your company is using Single Sign On as a login method, the Auto join section will instead display a Log in button directing them to your sign-in page.

Disabling auto-join

If you want to disable this feature head over to Settings → Company → Auto join where you can remove the added domain/s (1) and click Save (2).

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