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Use Comments to collaborate in Teamtailor
Use Comments to collaborate in Teamtailor

Make collaboration in your recruitment process even easier

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Teamtailor has always believed that transparency and teamwork are core elements in successful recruitment, so one of our missions is to provide you with a platform that makes this easy. This is why we enable your hiring teams to collaborate directly in the job process!


One of the components of the recruitment process is the Comments section which is the place for you and your team to collaborate. It’s conveniently placed in the sidebar within each job, so you can keep your team discussions and comments seamlessly integrated with your recruitment process.

The Comments section is available for all your hiring team members and is a great place to talk about everything related to this recruitment process to make sure you have everything in one place.

Add a comment

Start by clicking Comments located in the sidebar within the job process. Here you will be able to find previously written comments by the hiring team members and this is also where you can add your own comments.

Mention a team member/team

Make sure to get the attention of the right team member/s, by adding a mention. When mentioning a team member, a notification is sent (based on your colleagues' notification settings). You can also add an @team mention, to mention all hiring team members.

Add a mention by clicking the @ button, or add it from your keyboard. Once the @ is added, you can select the team member/s to ping.

Please note - you can only ping users with access to the candidate's application (so hiring team members and users with admin access).

Add attachment

You have the option to add attachments to your comments. Just click the paperclip icon and select the file you want to attach.

You need to add text in the comment to be able to upload the comment/attachment.

Choose the visibility of a comment

You can choose who will be able to view the comment, to control visibility. To do so, pick which people should have access to the comment before posting it. The default setting is that everybody with access to the hiring team can see the comment, and is indicated with the earth globe icon right next to the post button.

To limit the visibility of the comment, click the earth globe and select which users should be able to see the comment. Keep in mind that all users with Company admin access will be able to see all comments, including private ones.

When a private comment is published, this is indicated with a padlock icon. Hover over it to see who can access the comment.

We believe private comments are a great way to limit the visibility of sensitive information. However, it’s good to use them with care as it will exclude information from some members of the hiring team. Keep this in mind when carrying on with the conversation in the Comments section.

Pin comments

To make comments even more easily accessible for the entire hiring team, you can pin them. Hover over the comment, and click the pin icon like so:

You find all the job’s pinned comments added under Comments in the job’s sidebar with an indication of how many pinned comments there are. When hovering over the pin icon, the pinned comment/s unfolds and can be read.

In the screenshot above, only one comment has been pinned. You can pin as many comments as you want, but the more you pin the harder it might be for your team to easily digest the information.

Q&A pinned comments

Can I pin a private comment?

Yes, you have the option to pin a private comment, but it will only be displayed for the users who can view the comment.

I can’t see the pin icon in my job’s sidebar

If the job doesn’t have any pinned comments, the pin icon in the job’s sidebar is hidden. As soon as a comment is pinned, it will appear for all users with access to the comment.

Add emoji reactions

You can add reaction/s to any added comment. Simply, hover over the comment, and click Add reaction. You can also add the same reaction as another team member, by clicking on the reaction already added.

In our own Teamtailor account, we ask all team members to react with 👍 or ✅ on comments where they are pinned, if they don't write an answer, to make sure the person who sent the comment knows the information has been received.

Edit/delete a comment

After you have published a comment, you can edit and delete the comment. Hover over the comment and click the three buttons on the right-hand side.

Q&A edit/delete comments

Can I edit or delete a team member's comment?

No, you can only edit and delete your own comments.

What happens to the comments if a team member is deleted?

If you delete a team member from your Teamtailor account, all the team members' comments are intact in the Comments tab.

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