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Partner: Checkmate (Background and reference checks)
Partner: Checkmate (Background and reference checks)

Send the Candidate to Checkmate automatically via Teamtailor

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Checkmate provides an online reference checking and background screening tool. Integrate this to your Teamtailor account, and make the recruitment process seamless for your recruiters and candidates.

Getting started

To enable the integration between Checkmate and Teamtailor, you start by activating it from our Marketplace page. Head over to Marketplace→Checkmate and click Activate. Our Customer Success team will ask you to provide your API credentials which you obtain in your Checkmate account (under customization/integrations).

Set up the workflow in Teamtailor

The candidate is automatically sent to the Checkmate via a Trigger which you add to a stage in the recruitment process.

To add the Trigger, go to the stage where you want the event to happen. There, click the magic wand at the right-hand side, Triggers (1) and add it to the stage you want by clicking the Add trigger (2).

Navigate to the Checkmate trigger and fill in the short configuration form and you are all set! Now, every time you move a candidate to this stage they will be immediately sent to Checkmate.

Move candidate when complete

You can make sure the candidate is automatically moved forward in the process when the reference check is done.

💡 Why not move the candidate from "Check references" over to "References done" so automate your recruitment process even more?

To set this up, simply check the option for "Move candidate when complete" and pick the stage. When Checkmate finishes the background check - the candidate will be moved to the selected stage.

Manually send the candidate

You will have the option of manually sending the candidate to Checkmate at any point during the recruitment process. To do so, go into the candidate page, click three dots on top, then go to the integrations panel and choose Checkmate. Refresh the page, if the status will not change right away.

Checkmate integration workflow

After you've enabled the integration and the triggers in your Teamtailor account you're ready to start working! To utilize the integration, you follow these two steps:

1. Send the candidate's data to Checkmate

Every time the candidate hits the stage where the trigger is set, or you manually trigger this action, we will send their data over to the Checkmate. Please make sure that the candidate in Teamtailor has the following fields filled:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Phone number

In case any of the above will be empty, you will see an error with the list:

2. Select the required type of background check

After the candidate data is sent to Checkmate, you select which type of check you want to use.

You do this by clicking the Take action button in the candidate's profile. You will be redirected to the Checkmate platform where you can pick the required type of background check.

After clicking 'submit' you will see the status in Teamtailor will change to 'pending'.

When the check is completed the status will update to Completed. And that's it!

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