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Partner: Spark Hire (Video interviews)
Partner: Spark Hire (Video interviews)

Learn how to invite candidates for a Spark Hire interview via Teamtailor

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By activating the Spark Hire integration, you'll be able to add triggers that automatically send invites to candidates.

Spark Hire is a platform for conducting video interviews in over 100 countries, delivering robust online video interviewing solutions for employers and staffing firms. Spark Hire has helped thousands of companies "meet" candidates faster than ever before by utilizing one-way video interviews to eliminate phone screens, streamline recruiting efforts, and gain more insight into candidates.

Getting started in Teamtailor

To enable the integration between Spark Hire and Teamtailor, you connect your existing Spark Hire account to Teamtailor through our Marketplace page.

First things first: collect your Spark Hire Organization API key and User API keys.

The Organization API key is the key from the main account on Spark Hire. For every user you want to add you need their User API key.

To find the API key: login to a Spark Hire account, go to the menu (right upper corner) > settings > integrations > search Teamtailor and generate the key.

Step 1. Activate Spark Hire in the marketplace of the Teamtailor application

You will be redirected to the activations page in your Teamtailor settings where you can add your Spark Hire Organization API key and User API key. You can add multiple users. Please follow the example below:

Organization: api key {ENTER}
1st user First & Last Name: api key {ENTER}
2nd user First & Last Name: api key {ENTER}

For example:
Organization: fb6b5faa-6a2c-45t4-8377-5df7860e5Rds

John Doe: e7y3444aa-79d3-589d-95e8-5a02aee2345F
James Doe: s5w1444aa-79d3-589d-95e8-5a02aee6789c

Click 'validate credentials' and then click 'Finish installation'.

Step 2. Add your Spark Hire API key and User

Using the integration

There are two ways to use the Spark Hire integration:

  • Set up automatic triggers (to schedule one-way of live interviews)

  • Manually trigger the integration for a specific candidate (to schedule one-way of live interviews)

Custom fields

For most use cases of the integration you need to create two custom fields. Go to settings > custom fields > add new custom field. You add the two fields below:

  • Interview date - use 'date' field type

  • Interview time - use 'text' field type. Use the 24h military clock when setting the time of an interview on the candidate card.

Option 1: set up the trigger in Teamtailor

Now you can head over to one of your jobs in Teamtailor. From the applications view, you should click on the Triggers symbol (1).

Select the stage from which you want the transfer to trigger by clicking the ➕ (2) in that stage. Candidates that are moved to this stage will be automatically receiving an invite for a Spark Hire interview.

Select Create Spark Hire Interview to add the trigger.

Complete the configuration by selecting the recruiter, type of interview (one-way or live), to which job in Spark Hire to link the interview, the timezone, and the question set. The automatic trigger makes no use of the 'Schedule interview' box.

Note: to add extra recruiters you need to add their Spark Hire User API key to the activations page in Teamtailor (menu upper right corner > settings > marketplace activations > Spark Hire > view settings)

  • The one-way interview via the automatic trigger requires the custom fields for date and time on the candidate card. You don't use the optional 'Schedule Interview' box to set a date and time.

  • The live interview via the automatic trigger requires the custom fields for date and time on the candidate card.

  • For setting the time in the custom field Interview time you use the 24h military clock.

Below you see the set-up for the one-way interview. For the live interview you don't have to select the question set.

Option 2: Manual triggers in Teamtailor

  1. Open a candidate card.

  2. Choose "..." menu than Integrations.

  3. Click on “create interview” next to the Spark Hire icon.

  4. Complete the set-up and "create interview".

  • The one-way interview via a manual trigger requires you to either use the 'Schedule interview' box or to set the date and time custom fields on the candidate card. The custom fields are leading and will overwrite whatever is set in the 'Schedule interview' box.

  • The live interview via a manual trigger requires the custom fields for date and time on the candidate card.

The results

On the candidate card in Teamtailor you will see the status of the interview (sent / pending / completed). Once completed you will find links to watch or share the interview.

Of course you can also find all the candidates and results in your Spark Hire environment.

What data is transferred?

Once the Spark Hire integration is triggered the following information will be transferred between Teamtailor and Spark Hire:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Custom fields (Interview date, Interview time)

  • Results URL

Need support?

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