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Co-pilot: Draft job description
Co-pilot: Draft job description

Get help from Co-pilot to write a job description

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Under Settings → Recruitment → Co-pilot → Job ad creation, toggle on Draft job description:

Co-pilot can help you write a job description, just enter a title for your job ad and it will draft a full description.

The Co-pilot feature will:

  • Use the same style as previous job descriptions

  • It will mention any skills and traits selected in the Evaluation step

While the description is being drafted it’s possible to stop it by clicking Stop, e.g. if you see immediately that the text Co-pilot is writing is not something you want.

💬 If you are using Career sites in multiple languages it will generate the answers based on the chosen job ad language in the job.

If not it will use the company's career site language chosen under Settings → Content / Career site → Language.

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